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PETET & AGMPM Workshop

Emphasis on critical food safety issues

The Workshop, which was held by the Panhellenic Association of Food Technologists (PETET) and the Association of the Greek Manufacturers of Packaging & Materials (AGMPM), presented all the new trends and legislations on safety and food packaging.

Experts on the Food Technology field informed the dozens of visitors of the Workshop about foodservice food safety, antimicrobial packaging systems, nanoparticle migration, etc. Dr. Zoe Moussias, Head of the Department of Education, Risk Assessment and Nutrition Directorate of the Hellenic Food Authority, talked about safety and quality control, as well as food packaging assurance.

Nanoparticle migration from materials in contact with food was analyzed by Dr. Panagiota Drillias, Chemist at Tsakalidis Analysis & Testing laboratories, while Mr. Panagiotis Maniateas, Food Technologist MSc – Newrest, focused on food quality and safety in foodservice.

Left: Dimitris Mantis, President of AGMPM, Right: Z. Mussia from Hellenic Food Authority

The workshop also featured a presentation of the e-PLATON research project, by Mr Charilaos Tsitouris, Chemist MSc, as well as an interesting speech on Food Safety and Tin Packaging by Mr Ioannis Rossis, Head of Quality Control & Management (ELSA- SILGAN Metal Packaging). Finally, Mr Andreas Souliotis, Food Technologist, PhD, talked about the “Antimicrobial food packaging systems”. At the end of the event, Mr N. Gionis, Scientific director of PETET, coordinated the open discussion that took place among the speakers of the forum and the audience of the workshop.

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