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Oenotelia Seminars

A journey to the magical world of wine

Informative wine tasting seminars, blind tastings and wine journeys to the Greek vineyards “starred” in the Oenotelia Seminars.

Apart from the wide range of labels it had to present both at the stands of its exhibitors and at the Tasting Square, Oenotelia also included an extremely interesting program of informative seminars, useful tips and new ideas carried out by wine experts and sommeliers.
Across the three days of the exhibition, the specially designed area in Hall 1 which hosted the seminars, was packed with people who were thirsty for knowledge and information on a wide range of topics such as business improvement, wine tourism, tasting, etc.

Basic principles of wine tasting & interesting tastings

More specifically, Despina Moschaki “magnetized” the public by talking about the basic principles of wine tasting. Also, in another seminar, she expanded on the subject of organic wines, holding a presentation and tasting of these wines as well as of the Malagousia variety while completing her speech on the Savvatiano variety.

Spiros Triantafyllou (Vins Οenotourism events) gave two very interesting speeches in which he highlighted the importance and the prospects of wine tourism in Greece, while Basil J Janavaras (President and CEO of JANAVARAS ENTERPRISESLLC) attracted people’s interest by presenting the wine selection criteria for US Import.

Sommelier Aris Sklavenitis, in the presentations he gave every day of the exhibition, analyzed the basic principles of wine tasting and enriched the knowledge of the professionals who attended them by giving extra tips for a correct and complete wine pairing. He also gave advice on how to correctly create a wine list in entertainment and dining areas, and revealed the secrets of blind tasting by analyzing its basic principles and methodology. His presentations ended with the one about the past, present and future of retsina.

Fotis Stathopoulos undertook to analyze the basic principles of wine tasting and held a presentation and tasting of the Agiorgitiko wine. He completed his series of presentations with a highly interesting speech about Savvatiano and advices on the correct creation of a wine list in restaurants and entertainment areas.

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