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16-18 March 2019


FOOD EXPO 2018 • Testimonials Video

International Visitors testimonials

The excellent testimonials of the FOOD EXPO 2018 visitors indicate that the exhibition is the most significant commercial forum, and a major reference point in the Southeast Europe for the professionals of the Food & Beverage sector.

In terms of Southern Europe, in this particular food show, there's some unique opportunities.
Fertice Miller III | Director / Transcape Trade East PLC, Kenya
I liked FOOD EXPO very much. I think it is quite a professional trade show. We met many of our suppliers and this year I even brought some of my team with me. I found most of the products I was looking for not only from our regular suppliers, but from other companies, as well.
Simon Pun | Chairman & CEO / Pace Supply Chain Int'l Ltd, China
I absolutely want to come back again next year and also bring my boss who owns the restaurants, because she would definitely benefit—and so would her company—from the options that are here. It's been really fantastic!
Shane Mayson | Dir. Of Business Development / JL Restaurant Group, USA
I have the feeling that the trade show is always getting better. When I came yesterday to the show, I saw more exhibitors and more interesting products that last year.
Sebastian Nestler | CEO / Nestler Handelsmarken GmbH, Germany
It's been a great experience. I've been able to get an awareness on Greek products which I didn't know so far.
Sheenivasan G | Executive Chef / Radisson Blue Plaza Delhi India
So far the trade show's been great. This is my second day. I've met some nice people, some potential clients that I think we can do some business with. I did actually find products I was initially not looking for, but they were in a unique category, so I developed an interest. Out of the fifteen meetings that we had, there's probably six good possibilities that we will close a deal and do some business within the next six months.
Sam Haddad | Owner / Cluster Goods inc., USA
Every year I'm more impressed by the progress of this show. The first time I just discovered what was offered. The second, I saw the quality improving tremendously, and what I discovered this year is that the quality is still there—and even improving—but there's also a new generation of producers. I can't wait to see what's gonna be happening next year.
Olivier Wittmann | Owner / Millissime, USA
We've come to FOOD EXPO to try to introduce more Greek products to the Chinese market. We have made some good contacts with Greek companies and I hope that we will soon start cooperating. I will certainly come again next year.
Jonathan Luo | General Manager / Shanghai Brilliant Rainbow Trading Co. Ltd, China
It's a great opportunity to see a lot of authentic Greek producers under one roof.I found more than what I was looking for. I was really unaware that so many vendors and manufacturers were ready to do business outside of Greece.
Arn Grashoff | Director of Merchandising & Marketing / European Imports inc., USA
FOOD EXPO is huge! I thought it would only be some pavilions and I was blown away by its size. Greece has always been known for its quality products — mostly food products. One of my main goals is to close as soon as possible deals in order to increase our company's volume of Greek products, and come next year with new proposals, to do even more business.
Alejandro Nishimura Gomez | Imports Coordinator / Meximport Food, Mexico
I think the trade show is even better this year than the previous ones. We found some products we were looking for and we also found a number of novelties, which may not be compatible with the Egyptian market at this point, but they really impressed us, nevertheless. I look forward to come again next year.
Amged Elfar | Deputy Head / Far Trading Co, Egypt
I think this is a very large and very important trade show. A show where one can encounter producers from the sector of the wonderful Greek gastronomy. It is very important to expand these fantastic commercial relations that started here, in this trade show. I will come again.
Elkin Escobar | Commercial Director / Mesa Italiana, Colombia
It’s a great show and hopefully it will turn out for everyone better than expected. Compared to those big shows, like Anuga or SIAL, I prefer going to local fairs, such as FOOD EXPO that you can come into contact with very nice companies and find great business opportunities. We are very close to making deals with two firms, and, of course, we already have ongoing business with other companies from Greece. But, we are always trying to find new companies to expand our business opportunities.
Muhittin Tayli | CEO / Matvarlden, Sweden
I’m very happy to be here and see so many suppliers as well as the different variety of the food. I am sure I will find something very interesting.
Maggie Yin | Vice General Manager / Shanghai Yifu Food Co, China
We have been coming here for the past three years. The trade show is growing every year and I was really surprised to see the food hall, which has increased tremendously over the past couple of years.
Gustavo Furtado | Ass. General Manager Foodservice / Abdullateef Khalid AlAujan Food Stuff Est., Bahrain
This is our third visit here and we were quite surprised because the number of people has grown, the exhibitors are quite a lot compared to the first year and the second year, so I think it is quite a positive image. We’d love to visit again.
Stephanie D’Souza | Business Development Manager / Abdullateef Khalid AlAujan Food Stuff Est., Bahrain
This is my first time at FOOD EXPO, but I like it very much. I am looking for products such as olive oil and olives, and I have found exactly what I was looking for. Given the chance, I would like to come again next year.
Michael Tao | General Manager / Easail International, China
FOOD EXPO is a large trade show. I was really impressed by its size and scope!I definitely want to come again next year.
Arimine Nosu | President & CEO / Volei Co. Ltd, Japan
This year the trade show is much more and better organized. We are very close to signing several deals this year. Yogurt, Feta cheese, olive oil… I think there is a huge potential for Greek products in the Indian market. I will definitely come again next year. I love this show!
Ashu Garg | Managing Partner / Aamaya Impex, India
I’ve been to many food exhibitions, but this is my first time in Greece and FOOD EXPO. I think this trade show is a great initiative, because Greece has many products which are not known to the world, and this is a wonderful opportunity to promote them. We definitely need to come again next year—we will be more prepared to close even more deals.
Sudarshan Verma | Business Development / Ethnic Food Products Solution Ltd., India
The trade show is fantastic! Next year I will come with more people from my company, because I think Greek products present a great opportunity for us.
Rajesh Chauhan | Sales Manager / Schouten, India
It was very well organized—we didn’t expect that. We do believe that it has to be on our calendar to come again. We’ve found several very interesting exhibitors that can be part of the concepts that we are creating for the Australian market.
Yoram Cohen | Director / 3 Keys Food Group, Australia
This is my first time at FOOD EXPO. I go to many trade shows and, let me tell you, this one is very good. Here, I found all the products that I was looking for, mainly preserves and olive oil, and some other little things that I wasn’t expecting. I would like to come again, but not two years in a row—it’s best to visit every other year.
Tarcisio Vanacore | President / GiGi Importing Ltd, Canada
It was a very good trade show, I liked it and I think it will be good for me to come here. I think it will be good to come again and I will be more prepared next time.
Milena Ivanova | Trade Development Manager / VDG Plc, Bulgaria
I think FOOD EXPO was bigger and with more people than last time I visited. We found everything we were looking for and we are very happy with the visit and the deals we made. I think it will be best if we skipped next year and came again in two year’s time.
Ignacio Opoczynski | General Manager / Vanacity SA, Uruguay
Compared to last year, we found that at this expo, perhaps because we were more open to exploring different products, we did find that there are more suppliers, variety of categories that we haven’t considered before and it’s been a great show to find innovation and see what products Greece has to offer. We haven’t officially closed any deals this year, but we have a lot of items in the works and I’m sure that we’ll be closing a lot of projects based on what we found at the show. We definitely want to come back next year and explore some categories that we didn’t have time to explore and to get to meet with different suppliers that we didn’t have a chance to meet.
Natalie Valenzuela | Key Buyer / PriceSmart Inc., USA
Thanks to how successful the show was last year, we’re exploring this year some new logistics and consolidation options so that we can grow the volume that we are exporting out of Greece.I think that we’ll have even more buyers coming next year, buyers with different categories.
Melissa Twohey | Vice President of Merchandising / PriceSmart Inc., USA
It’s a great show! I was actually very positively surprised. We thought it would probably be more of a minor exhibition, but it’s really nice. I think we will come next year and maybe not just one person, but maybe more buyers.
Limor Harniv | Projects Manager / Guild Enterprises, Israel
This is my first time here. I liked FOOD EXPO very much and I think it is a great show to promote Greek products and flavors. I found products that I was looking for, especially frozen baked goods that are very popular in Japan, and found some new suppliers.
Osamu Matsuda – Managing Director / Kohyo Holland BV, Japan
I think there is a growing interest in Greek product, especially the higher end, more specialty items like olives and olive oils.
Christina Kalcevich | Owner / Pasquale Brothers, Canada
It is really an experience for me to visit something like this. I never thought that this would be so good.
Jaswant Sarvaiya | CEO / Fine Food, India
I think that FOOD EXPO is a wonderful trade show with local and regional Greek products.
Xavier de Poulpiquet | President / Ail! Ail! Ail!, France
I've been here again three years ago and I came back because I like the way FOOD EXPO is organized. In addition, the exhibitors here are very interesting; there is a mixture of very big companies and small producers and this is very interesting for us as importers.
Catherine Fogel | Sourcing & Purchasing Manager / C&E Gastro Import, Denmark
From the contacts we made here, I can tell you now that we would like to come again and exhibit our products next year. We've had many potential clients from the Greek market as well many from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans. I think this is a very interesting trade show
Pasquale Cinieri | CEO / La Gioia Bella, Italy
In terms of organisation you did a very good job. This is my first time attending FOOD EXPO, but I think it won't be the last one. The quality of the meetings with the producers was very good. I think that there is a good chance that we have collaborations after seeing the products at the fair. I will come again. I've visited SIAL, ANUGA, PLMA and several other fairs before and I think the concept of the “hosted buyers program” and the way you organise the meetings for the buyers and the exhibitors is really unique. And this is the main reason why I won't be comparing FOOD EXPO with any other exhibition. Your concept is unique. In other exhibitions you have to do everything yourself, but here you have good help and support from the team. It is uncomparable with other fairs.
Ahmed Sherif | Import – Export Manager / ORKIDIA, Austria
The show has been close to amazing! This is my second year participating. We had several meetings, arranged around 40 meetings, had many more than that. We found the products we were looking for. It seems we will be doing business with some new partners. We have several partners from Greece. We hope and believe that this show will grow and become better and better. congratulations for the organisation.
Nickolas Nicolaou | Business Developement Manager / MEDITERRANEAN GYROS PRODUCTS INC., USA
It's my first time in FOOD EXPO, I really enjoyed it here. It is very well organised. The sheeds are good because you have each product in each sheet So you don't have to go looking back and forth, you can stay in one area and check for the products that you are interested in.
Jacqui Poulier | Proprietor / ALATONERO, Australia
The exhibition is much bigger than the last couple of years. This year the number of visitors is bigger and the exhibition is extremely well organised. We have lots of meetings in several categories of our business mainly for pastries, stuffed vegetables ect.
Ahmed Adel Ghanem | Regional Purchasing Manager / AMERICANA, Saudi Arabia
I've been coming to FOOD EXPO for the last three years and I'm really amazed by the way it has grown. Overall it is beautifully organised and the meetings are really done in a professional manner. I'm really glad that I'm here. I've had some great meetings and I've had discussions with a number of possible suppliers.
Gustavo Furtado | Asst. General Manager / ABDULLATEEF KHALID AL AUJAN FOOD STUFF est, Kingdom of Bahrain
It's the first time that i'm here and think the fair and the meetings with the producers has been good. The only thing is a bit messy to keep track of where they all are. And also that there is no bathroom in the b2b meeting area. I was in another fair in Texas where they gave you a small app like a navigator. You could see all your appointments and it was like a gps. I think it would be easier if the halls were separated differently – one only for food, one for wine etc.
It's my first time at FOOD EXPO Greece. It's a phenomenal show. I've paid a good attention compared to other shows I've been like in Australia, USA, baltimore, California etc. Comparing this show to all the other shows around the world the greek show is very very organised, clean, extremely friendly, extremely professional and the products far exceed the standards that I 've seen in other countries.
It's the first time in Greece and in this expo. It's much bigger than my expectations. The general organisation and atmosphere is really good. I 've met different companies and it's very interesting that there is a large number of family based companies.
Ahmed Khalifa | Partner & Sales director / Caliph general trade, Hungary
I've been very satisfied with the meetings I've had. I saw interesting wines, nice labels, good prices. The organisation behind the expo is very professional. It is very well organised, everything works great. Compared to quite a few expos that I've visited I would definitely say that it's on the same level as other food expos around the world.
Frederik Keutzer | Brand manager / OTTOSUENSON, Denmark
FOOD EXPO Greece is a great experience for me. It's the third time that I'm here and I expect a lot of success for the coming years. In my opinion very soon it will be on the same level as ANUGA.
Amr Daoud | Managing Director / ABU DAOUD, Egypt
It's an amazing opportunity to meet greek and international suppliers. It's getting bigger and bigger every year. We can see the different trends and the amount of visitors. We were very much succesful in the meetings that we've had.
Wael Abu Awwad | Founder & CEO / WAEL ABU AWWAD est., Jordan
It's the first time that I attend FOOD EXPO. It looks like a very well organised show. I have founded it very appealing. The greek market has a lot to offer in regards to the products that I was looking for. I'm very pleased with what I found. congratulations for the show.
Katherine Guerron | CEO / KINUWA ANCESTRAL FOODS, Ecuador
It's the first time that i'm visiting the expo. FOOD EXPO is perfectly organised. I've seen many interesting companies and products. Everything has been planned beautifully.
Svelta Nenkova | Manager / Stelly Style, Bulgaria
It's the first time that I'm visiting this fair. It is very interesting for us, we have founded many interesting products and for us the transportation to and from Greece is very easy, so that is a plus to do business here.
Renata Kociuba – Ganscezew | Foreign trade Manager / HRISI – 99, Bulgaria

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