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Testimonials 2023

The excellent testimonials of the FOOD EXPO 2023 indicate that the exhibition is the most significant commercial forum, and a major reference point in the Southeast Europe for the professionals of the Food & Beverage sector.

I am pretty impressed with FOOD EXPO, the exhibition is definitely eye-opening for my company and a great source of European products. A large number of dairy companies participate among which I am looking for Greek yogurt, feta.
James Lin / Head of Retail Manager Trade-Pro Food Distribution PTE Ltd.
The organization of FOOD EXPO is very professional, I’ve been very happy with everything so far. The number of companies participating is staggering and the quality of products I’ve seen so far is impressive. During my first day I already found some of the products I was looking for.
T Sanjay Wadhwani / Director Wanis International Foods Ltd
What impresses me with FOOD EXPO is the wide participation from several countries. It is amazing for me that I found completely new products, products I was not expecting, such as the “sugar” that only needs one gram instead of five. I would introduce this product to our market.
Hari Varijakshan / Managing Director Midfield Oil and Gas Equipment
I am impressed by the size of the exhibition. The number of the participants is also bigger than I expected, and quality is really good too, which is even more important. For a long time I have been looking for specific branded companies, such as family companies with great history, and I found them here. As a branding specialist, I am really happy I visited FOOD EXPO.
Alina Skalyga / Head of Marketing & Product Development Parmigiano Group
The exhibition is very well organized. Within the first day, I had a bag full of samples and catalogues. I am totally impressed and satisfied with the quality of the suppliers. This was my first FOOD EXPO and I plan to come again.
Georges Pelsser / Procurement Manager Arwem Food Group
The Hosted Buyers Program is simply brilliant, I consider FOOD EXPO 2023 a massive success. I’ve seen great products with innovative packaging and compared to last year, I see more companies participating. The exhibition definitely caters to all the products I was looking for.
Aqeel Shahzad / COO Hightower International Ltd
My overall impression of FOOD EXPO is very good, and especially concerning the scheduled meetings, that are always on time. If you come from a foreign country, it’s very easy for you to attend this fair. We came here without a big objective, and we did discover products that we don’t know in France.
Laurent Delberghe / Sales Director Transgourmet France
The entire exhibition has been absolutely great. I can say we got more than expected. It is our first time in Greece. As Indian retailers, we buy a lot of global products. From now on, Greece will become an important part of our journey.
Hameed Khan / Head - Strategy & Brand Alliances, Premium Grocery Business Reliance Retail Limited
The impression from FOOD EXPO is as good as the one I have when I visit tradeshows in the United States, and the exhibitors are very knowledgeable. I was looking for innovation, and I did find products that I can work with, such as Greek herbs and seasoning. This was my first Food Expo, and I am happy I came.
Yasser Chehayeb / Purchasing & Development Wisk Co.
Year by year, FOOD EXPO is improving. I was here in 2017, and I see many positive changes. I have found the products I was looking for and I have finalized deals with exporters. In this part of Europe, FOOD EXPO is doing a great job, and I believe that more exhibitors should come, more products should be displayed.
Murali R. Parthasarathy / CEO Dhanya Associates
It is my first time in Greece, and it is great. In FOOD EXPO, I found good, quality food and good people to work with. My company already imports Greek olive oil, and I have found other products too, so I can expand our portfolio. I would like to come again, to find more new things.
Sunyoung Hwang / Co-Founder Bringbit
There is a huge offer in terms of number of companies, so the real task for the person who visits FOOD EXPO is to select the right ones. As for the organization, I never had to wait at a queue, everything is fast, the service level is very good. I would definitely recommend this experience.
Eduardo Napolitano / R&D and Innovation Manager Atlante SRL
FOOD EXPO follows European standards and the organizing company is doing its best to make it easy for Hosted Buyers. The platform helped us a lot to find the products we are interested in. Every country has its unique culture, and I love the idea to introduce Greek cuisine to Armenia.
Alin Masrlian / General Manager Sharoyan – Sarian LLC
Food Expo looks is very well organized. I was here 5 years ago, and it feels like yesterday. I am more than satisfied with the quantity of the products. I found all the products I wanted to take for tasting back home, and even more alternatives.
Arturas Necejauskas / UAB Strateginiu Projektu Vystymo
It is our first FOOD EXPO and we see many great products, family businesses and very competitive prices. We were looking for all kinds of products to import and distribute to the Romanian market. We found many, plus extra products we didn’t have in mind. We certainly achieved our business objective in FOOD EXPO.
Iuliana Lutu / Sales Director Elenim Style SRL
The Mediterranean diet is the strongest in the world, and Greece has the best yoghurt and thyme honey. I believe that it is important to work together, as neighbor countries, to advise the world of the importance to eat and choose wisely. In the exhibition I saw many artisanal and industrial products of very high quality.
Michal Ansky / food journalist Israel Farmers’ Market Port Market
The quality of the products is excellent. I came for fresh fish and yogurt, and I found what I was looking for. The tradeshow has given me ideas about my business, especially other ways of showing food.
Avi Ravid / Owner Victory Supermarket Chain LTD
FOOD EXPO is top class. It was truly much more than I expected. I am not very familiar with the Greek market, but I find Greece very fascinating in terms of products, variety, and of course quality, which is very important to me.
Assaf Shamay / Owner SmartShip Consulting
We are here this time because of the great experience we had last year. This is the first formal collaboration as a bilateral Chamber of Commerce, with Forum SA, but it won’t be the last. I am impressed by the number of participants, the products, the overall value, and even products that I see here for the first time, even though I travel to Greece so often.
Cobi Bitton / CEO Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce
The range of the products is satisfactory, and there are new products and trends to see. FOOD EXPO is a pretty dynamic fair, with a lot of small producers that are keen to export and show what Greece has to offer.
Simon Robert / CEO El Mercado – The Chef’s Market
A well-organized exhibition, very much focused, obviously, on Greek food. It is my first time in FOOD EXPO, and I found everything I was looking for, mainly olive oil, wine and snack products. I had about 20 very good meetings, and I believe that at least 10 to 15 of them will result into business.
Thomas Augustin / CEO Fine Foods Brokers & Consultancy

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