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FoodExpo dates 14/6/2021 - 18/6/2021

International Visitors testimonials

The excellent testimonials of the FOOD EXPO 2019 Hosted Buyers indicate that the exhibition is the most significant commercial forum, and a major reference point in the Southeast Europe for the professionals of the Food & Beverage sector.

Food Expo is a good fair with a lot and interesting suppliers. I found products that I have interest, a lot of contacts. I found feta, yogurt and oil. It’s an important fair for us, the Romanian companies because the Romanians like very much the Greek products.
Iulia Coca / Import & Brand Manager / Randler Group
FOOD EXPO is a good show for all, producers and us who come to do research. This is the 3rd time I am visiting the show. This year we can see more professionals. We already found two companies that we will work with and the rest I ‘ll have to study when I ‘ll go back.
Knut Kristiansen / Product Manager / Gottit AS
It’s my second time in FOOD EXPO. It is one of the most organized shows, easy to navigate, everything is very well marked and hopefully I can meet some good companies to have some trade partners here in Greece.
Claire Donis / Purchasing Dpt. / Seacrest Foods
I have attended quite a few the past decade but in FOOD EXPO is my first time. It is a good show and It is well planned. I have found the products which I wanted in India.
A. S. Wadhwa / CEO & Executive Director / Nature’s Bounty Wines & Allied Products
It’s my 4th time in this fair and I think I’ll come in the next one as well. We made good connection and I believe after the fair we will continue these business connections with our new friends.
Uluc Yemisci / Business Development Manager / Cyssus Group Investment
The show is really great. There is lots to see, lots to do, lots of exhibitors. It’s exciting, there are great products, great innovation. Of course, we will come to the next one.
Siv Naidu / Buying Manager Groceries / Woolworths
I have visited a lot of food expos but in Greece this is my first time. This show is one of the biggest and well organized and I met a lot of good exhibitors. It’s a very good opportunity for me and my company to increase and establish good relations. I found three companies with products that I am interested in. I will be glad to be here in the next one.
Giorgi Gabitashvili / Commercial Director / Freeze
It’s an awesome opportunity for the international companies and for the national companies to become one big company. Also, it’s an awesome idea of how to expand your national food in other countries so I think it’s a chance for a hosted buyer too. I was looking for some products and I found them. In this situation we made some new ideas of how to export them to our country.
Arturs Janis Zemitis / Brand Manager
I have a good chance to discover a new brand. I am very pleased to do these meetings. I liked FOOD EXPO very much.
Mohamed Halmy Bader / Director / Green Farm
I have the chance to discover new companies and brands. It’s my first time but I believe i’ ll come again, there are many good companies here.
Magdy Shousha / Managing Director / Green Farm
It’s the first time I participate in FOOD EXPO. I think it’s impressive. We are here to make cooperations with companies.
Mahir Suleymanov / Procuremtn Specialist / Saffron restaurant Group
This is my 2nd visit here. There are much more exhibitors. It’s nice to have all the small producers, small companies to visit in one place. Looks a bit bigger than the last one. I made a lot of meetings, especially for the Greek products we are looking for.
Sebastian Rott / Owner / Alles Olive
I was really surprised by the organization of this year. They improved a lot and I found in places categories of food without spending time in different halls for the same things. I was looking for Greek products and not only. I am trying to bring to my country things that they see in their holidays and they want to try them at home. I found products and potential partners. Definitely I will come again.
Estela Iancu / Purchasing Manager / Serpico Food Trader
We are here for the first time. We like the exhibition a lot and I think we used the program (Hosted Buyers) very well. And next time FOOD EXPO takes place, we will be back because we found some really nice partners. We are importing from many in Europe, like Italy, Spain, France but never from Greece. But we see we can find here really good products and good producers. We plan to import to Lithuania and to smaller Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia as well, olive oil, olives etc.
Raimondas Kristaponis /

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