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Greek Gastronomy Workshop

Experts redefine the future of Greek gastronomy

The “Brigade” initiative, consisting of chefs and official bodies, producers and others engaged in Greek food, presented a workshop entitled “Building a Better Future for Greek Gastronomy” at the Food Stage in Hall 2.

During the 2-hour workshop, the Brigade informed all foodservice and tourism professionals, producers, food marketing professionals as well as consumers on topics regarding the future of Greek gastronomy.

The workshop started with an opening address by Executive Chef and Brigade President Mr Nikos Fotiadis, who talked, in general, about the need to create a better gastronomic future.

The next speaker, food microbiologist Nikos Kassalias, focused on the importance of quality, hygiene and safety in storing and moving foods, to the overall image of Greek gastronomy. In addition, Dr Evdokia Kristallidou (Agronomist – Animal Scientist, Project Leader – Strategic Program Management

Left: N. Fotiadis, President of Bridage, Right: A. Iosifidou spoke about the importance of Kavala's local cuisine

The importance of locality in modern Greek cuisine and why both chefs and entrepreneurs must become ambassadors for the local gastronomy, was the subject raised by executive chef and Brigade Vice President, Mr Lefteris Lazarou.Office of the American Farm School), discussed local identity and innovation as gastronomic tools, while Mr Ioannis Karvelas, Commercial Director of Paratus Europe Ltd, disclosed the best practices for olive oil production & standardization.

Left: Lefteris Lazarou, Vice-President of Brigade, Right: Evdokia Kristallidou in her speech on local identity as a tool of gastronomy

Finally, Gastronomy and Tourism was the topic of the speech given by Mr Harris Tzannis, gastronomy journalist and professor of Gastronomic Marketing at the Metropolitan College, who aimed attention to the fact that local cuisine and local products add authenticity to tourism experience and strengthen incentives to visit certain destinations, all the while boosting local economy and providing benefits for all stakeholders. That is why all people engaged in gastronomy should invest in local Greek products.

The purpose of the workshop was to inform professionals on the importance of local products and good manufacturing practices, and to highlight the important role of foodservice professionals in developing quality products, in informing and protecting producers as well as consumers, and, in recognizing and promoting innovative and environmentally conscious producers.

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