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Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum

Grand finale with culinary surprises

The Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum was extremely successful, as it became the center of attraction for hundreds of visitors, who praised the quality, but also the variety of the presentations.

On the last day of the Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum, ex. Chef Iro Sotiriou representing the cooking tradition of Western Macedonia’s Region, created delicious recipes. The following masterclass by ex. Chefs Abderrazak Kaddachi, Karim Bannour, Stephanos Diamantopoulos and Ioannis Alexandris, was also very interesting, as it featured combinations of elements of Greek and Tunisian cuisines.

Left: Chef Vangelis Smaragakis, during the gastronomic presentation with products of Agronutritional cooperation of the region of Crete, Right: Mireille Rizk Corbani, during the presentation of traditional dishes of Lebanon.

Soon after this impressive masterclass, the audience watched the members of the Chef’s Club Peloponnese & Western Greece, but also ex. Chef Vasso Koulouparitsi, member of the Agro-nutritional Cooperation of the Ionian Islands’ Region, cooking with local products. The vegan versions of traditional Greek recipes were the main theme of the presentation of ex. Chefs Alchistis Alexandratos and Demby Georgiou (owners of the “Lime Bistrot”). Last but not least, ex. chef Konstantinos Tassis, highlighted the modern aspect of new Greek gastronomy, creating unique dishes, featuring innovative ideas and promoting Greek cuisine and local products.

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