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7-9 March 2020


HAFST Workshop

The latest developments in Food & Beverage technology!

The Hellenic Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, during FOOD EXPO 2020, is organizing a workshop on “pure label” and sustainable development.

The global nutritional trends that lead to the need for a “pure label” concerning the food and beverage products and sustainable development are the two main topics that will be analyzed during the workshops organized by PETET. What pure label means? How the modern nutritional needs of the consumers redefine the production and packaging of the products? To what extent have the modern consumer’s eating habits influenced the food and beverage industries? On Sunday 8/3 from 15:00-17:30 at the specially designed Workshops & Seminars Stage in Hall 2, interesting presentations and seminars by experts of the market, experienced academics and institutional representatives, about all the above topics, will take place. At the same event, the topic of sustainable development will also be discussed. The speakers they will try to analyze through their presentations the framework of the sustainable development and what does that mean for the food and beverage companies, which are reviewing their organizational structures and strategies.


Workshop’s agenda:
1st topic: Nutrition Trends – Pure Label (reducing sugar, fat, vegan, fortified foods etc)
Moderator: Michalis Orestidis / Vice President PETET
Speakers: Nikos Vallet / Chipita, Makis Rokas / Polypan Group, Dr. Asteria Stamatakis / Nutritionist,  Dr. Fotini Salta / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Food Chemistry & Technology/ Nutrition &Techno-Scientific Consultant of SEVT

2nd topic: Sustainable Development: Options and Actions
Moderator: Nikos Gionis / Assistant Professor (PETET)
Speakers: Giannis Boziaris / University of Thessaly, Professor of GAF or PADA- SEVT Representative, Yiannis Smarnakis / President of Hellenic Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (HAFST)

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