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200 in’l exhibitors from 30 countries participated at FOOD EXPO 2022

The participation of foreign exhibitors was once again dynamic and enabled thousands of visitors to discover new products from around the world for their business.

FOOD EXPO 2022 hosted more than 200 foreign exhibitors from 30 countries such as Italy, Spain, Belgium, Egypt, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Thailand, Sri Lanka Vietnam, Lebanon, Slovakia, Germany, Bolivia, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Republic of Northern Macedonia etc., either embedded in the impressive national pavilions of the exhibition, or as independent participations, with stand-alone stands. The thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad had the opportunity to find a lot of new products for their businesses among them: Oils, Organic Food & Beverage, Meat, Meat Products, Sausages, Canned Food, Dough Products, Pastries, Waters, Juices, Soft Drinks, Pies and Breads, Ice Cream, Wine, Frozen Food, Dry Fruit, Chocolate, Herbs and Spices. All three days they managed to make direct profitable trade transactions with these exhibitors, which will contribute to the development of the competitiveness of their business.

The exhibitors are excited by the commercial effectiveness of their participation

The international exhibitors of FOOD EXPO 2022 were completely satisfied with their participation in the exhibition, as it gave them the opportunity to get in touch and make very important trade contacts with thousands of professionals in the food and beverage sector from Greece and abroad. The exhibitors were left with the best impressions as they had the opportunity to strengthen their trade links with the domestic and global market, but also to significantly strengthen their brand internationally.

More specifically, based on the statements made to the journalistic team of FORUM SA, the number of appointments made this year during the 3-day period exceeded all their expectations while everyone reports on how targeted and ready to make purchases and agreements, were the visitors. Of course, two main factors contributed to this: the even more upgraded program of Hosted Buyers that brought 750 buyers from abroad and the brand of FOOD EXPO itself, which is now in the consciousness of professionals a guarantee for serious and profitable trade agreements.

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