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International buyers express their satisfaction from the digital expo

Thousands of online b2b meetings were held between international visitors and exhibitors, paving the way for lucrative trade deals.

The highly increased participation of international buyers in FOOD EXPO Digital and the upcoming important trade agreements, proved once again that the exhibition has the full support of the international market.

Specifically, 910 international Food and Beverage buyers visited the digital exhibition through the online platform, held 4,100 B2B meetings with exhibitors via video call or text chat, found information about new and existing products and came in direct contact with suppliers.

It is important to notice that these international buyers are owners and important executives in large supermarket chains and mini markets, in traditional groceries and delicatessens, restaurants, hotels while they are also owners or chefs in restaurants with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Ramilya Khimchenko

Targeted international buyers from 102 countries!

FOOD EXPO Digital confirmed its international character, as it attracted 910 international visitors from 102 target markets for Greek Food and Beverages such as the United Arab Emirates, USA, China, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Lebanon, Armenia, Bahrain, Egypt, as well as many European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Albania, Azerbaijan, Italy, Great Britain etc.

The impressive numbers confirm the international character of the exhibition, as well as how crucial it is in the extroversion of Greek companies.

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