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Commercial success story for FOOD EXPO 2023 exhibitors

The exhibitors of FOOD EXPO 2023 were completely satisfied with their participation in the exhibition, according to a survey conducted by Alco, in a sample of 300 exhibitors, as it gave them the opportunity to come into contact with thousands of professionals from the food and beverage industry from Greece and the abroad.

The results of the survey regarding the reasons that led the companies to participate, which are are: The expansion of their clientele (49%), the presentation of new products (39%), the possibility of meetings with customers from abroad (30%) the possibility of closing commercial deals (30%) and the strengthening of the company’s brand (21%), reflect the great commercial value of the exhibition, but also the level of expectations and demands of the exhibitors.

Also, it is impressive that 60% of the exhibitors closed one or more agreements with Greek buyers and 25% with hosted buyers, while 94% and 83%, respectively, estimated that they are going to close more agreements with them in the next months. These numbers confirm that the coverage of the exhibitors’ requirements in relation to their commercial expectations is very satisfactory.

96% of the exhibitors were satisfied by their participation
at FOOD EXPO 2023

Also important is the fact that 71% consider that the commercial objectives that led to their participation were covered from very much to quite a lot. At the same time, 87% declared themselves satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors, 96% of the exhibitors were satisfied to extremely satisfied with their participation, while already 97% of the exhibitors have expressed through the survey their intention to participate and at the FOOD EXPO of 2024.
Based on the research findings, FOODEXPO 2023 is for its exhibitors a very important exhibition, since it largely justifies the expectations that led to their participation.


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