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  • 31,369 visitors worldwide & great deals “sealed” the success of FOOD EXPO 2023

31,369 visitors worldwide & great deals “sealed” the success of FOOD EXPO 2023

31,369 visitors from all over the world, 900 Hosted Buyers, 1,050 leading exhibitors from Greece, 250 international exhibitors, great deals, all the trends and challenges of the F&B industry… FOOD EXPO 2023 once again became a leading meeting point of the industry in a global level.

FOOD EXPO was completed for another year with complete commercial success! It has proven to be a global exhibition, bringing together producers and buyers from all over the world and highlighting the trends and innovations shaping the food industry of tomorrow. 31,369 organized retail, wholesale, hotel and catering professionals from Greece and abroad, discovered up close more than 50,000 superior quality and nutritional food and beverages from 1,300 exhibitors, held meaningful meetings with their representatives and of course sealed great deals. Furthermore, the presence of 900 hosted buyers from 83 countries from all over the world, who held 17,000 b2b meetings with the exhibitors, formed even more suitable conditions for the development of the extroversion of the Greek companies that participated as exhibitors. Also, more than 500 businesses from Greece showcased their products, through the participation of 13 Regions, 11 Chambers and 4 Municipalities at FOOD EXPO 2023. Visitors were really impressed by their traditional products of unique quality and culinary excellence and their branding, which can stand worthy on the shelves of foreign businesses.

Great agreements, important deals & networking

FOOD EXPO 2023 was the ultimate meeting point for more than 1,300 food and beverage supply and trading companies with thousands of industry professionals. Greek and Mediterranean food and drinks were the stars of the exhibition and important deals worth of millions were closed. Both the Greek and foreign exhibitors in their statements expressed their absolute satisfaction with their participation in the exhibition and above all with the fact that the visitors were decision makers of the market, such as owners, sales managers, export & import managers and generally business executives, who visited the exhibition knowing their needs and determined to make purchases and important trade deals. It is worth noting that the Greek exhibitors were impressed by the strong presence of potential customers from foreign markets and mentioned specifically the large number of American food traders. The commercial success, the high level of the organization, the international visitors and the targeted b2b meetings left a very positive impression on the exhibitors and most of them are willing to participate in the 2024 exhibition as well.

Unique products, trends and innovations of the F&B industry… in 50,000 sq.m.!

Thousands of professionals from organized retail, wholesale, food and beverage industry, hotel and catering industry who visited this year’s exhibition, were impressed by the range of options for every need of a business and for many different budgets. In the booths of the 1,300 exhibitors, new products were highlighted as well as trends that shape an overall picture of the future of the industry. The local and traditional products, the healthy and vegan versions of the most classic recipes, the popular ‘ready to cook’ category in the Greek market, the complete ready to eat solutions for the professional kitchen as well as the sugar free, protein or keto approved products, premium versions of traditional spirits such as tsipouro, proposals with an ethnic character, were some of the most popular consumer and b2b trends presented.

FOOD EXPO has entered the annual agenda of international food traders & exhibitors

The large number of international buyers who visited FOOD EXPO proves its international character and global reach. The international buyers were impressed by the quality of both the exhibition and the fact that most exhibitors are ready to export their products, both in terms of quantities and prices. Also, food traders from abroad gave special emphasis and mention to the “variations” of traditional products, such as olive oil with infused flavors or healthy variations of well-known product categories. Finally, the fact that 250 companies from abroad chose to participate at FOOD EXPO proves that the exhibition is an important channel for promoting their products in the Greek market and confirms its international character and commercial dynamics at a global level. All of the above can only create optimism for the development prospects of the exhibition at a global level.

Oenotelia’s 190 exhibitors presented excellent labels

With a wide range of the finest Greek wines and premium spirits from well-known companies, and also young ambitious producers, Oenotelia met the demands of the wine market and stood out once again in a key wine trade show!>>

Workshops with top industry executives & unique live cooking shows

Visitors had the opportunity to attend top-notch speeches and interesting seminars by experts and executives from the business and academic sectors, as well as industry representatives at the Workshops & Seminars stage, enriching their knowledge and receiving full information on developments and new trends in the F&B industry. At the same time, the culinary excellence and quality of Greek products were showcased through the live cooking shows that took place at the Mediterranean Food Stage. It is worth noting that both the speakers and the visitors emphasized the importance of holding the special events, as they consider that for three days, the FOOD EXPO “community” had the opportunity to analyze important issues, exchange knowledge and share experiences.

FOOD EXPO 2023’s success story reflects the dynamics of the F&B industry and proves once again that manufacturing companies are one of the most important pillars of the Greek economy. It is a starting point for investments in the food and beverage industry in Greece, but also highlights the trends and innovations that shape the food industry of tomorrow.

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