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Opening ceremony with optimism & international character

In the presence of important representatives of the political and business life not only of Greece, but also of many other countries, the official opening of FOOD EXPO 2024 took place.

In an atmosphere of optimism, the opening of the FOOD EXPO exhibition took place on Saturday, March 9 at 12:00, in the C2 conference room of the Metropolitan Expo, by the Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development & Food, Mr. Dionysis Stamenitis.

The President & CEO of FORUM SA, Mr. Thanasis Panagoulias, thanked everyone for their presence at the opening of the 10th anniversary FOOD EXPO and stated that “the vision of the founder of the exhibition has transformed today into a truly international food and beverage exhibition, with more than 1,300 exhibitors, an exhibition that you can ‘taste’ and that connects production with the market”. He added that FOOD EXPO 2024 is off to an impressive start bringing the majority of the country’s Organized Retail and more than 3,000 international buyers from 80 countries, 1,000 of which are hosted buyers. “The beautiful journey of FOOD EXPO continues, our vision is to evolve even more with the expansion of the exhibition center that will add even greater commercial value to its exhibitors,” concluded Mr. Panagoulias.

Thanasis Panagoulias

Dionysis Stamenitis

The opening event was attended by Mr. Emmanuel Chnaris, Member of Parliament for the Prefecture of Rethymnon & Parliamentary Head of the Agricultural Development Committee of PASOK – KINEMA ALLAGIS, who initially congratulated the organizing company for enabling the country’s producers, standardizers and entrepreneurs to showcase their products their. As he stated “FOOD EXPO is a very dynamic exhibition, which has gone beyond the borders of the country and gives exhibitors the real added value that corresponds to the quality of our products”.

Emmanuel Chnaris

Vasilios Kokkalis

Afterwards, Mr. Vasilios Kokkalis, Member of Parliament for Larissa & Head of the Department of Rural Development & Food of SYRIZA – RADICAL LEFT COALITION, congratulated the organizing company for holding the FOOD EXPO which is now an institution while he takes its success for granted exhibition.

Maria Nikoltsiou

The Deputy Minister of Rural Development & Food, Mr. Dionysis Stamenitis, during his greeting did not fail to make laudatory comments about the exhibition’s contribution to the development of the food and beverage industry and the leading role it plays in the extroversion of businesses operating in the sector. As he characteristically said, “the importance and dynamics of FOOD EXPO is demonstrated by the enormous dynamics of the exhibitors and the response of the world. Finally, he congratulated the organizers for the flawless organization of the exhibition and its establishment in the food and beverage industry.

Important political representatives from Greece and abroad

Also present at the opening of the FOOD EXPO were: Mr. Stylianos Kymbouropoulos MEP of New Democracy, expatriate Senator Mr. Leonidas Raptakis, Mr. Konstantinos Alagiannis Mayor of Markopoulos/Mesogaia, Mr. Andrikopoulos Haris from ANDRIKOPOULOS SA, Mr. Antoniou Konstantinos from GEFSINOUS ABEE, Mr. Ducsias Georgios – Theodoros from the Interprofessional Organization of Table Olives – DOEPEL, Mr. Lagos Ioannis of E.V.V.Z.E., Mrs. Kounenaki – Sofia Efraimoglou of the E.V.E.A., Mrs. Mary Triantafyllopoulou of the NATIONAL INTERPROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF VINE AND WINE-EDOAO, Mr. Pittas Georgios from the NATIONAL INTERPROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF HONEY & OTHER KYPSELI PRODUCERS, Mr. Kouros tallis Konstantinos from the NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SYSTEM (ESYD), Mr. Pistiolas Agis from HELLA-DICA MAS, Mr. Gounaris Vassilios from the GREEK-GERMAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Mr. Giannotti Mario from the GREEK-ITALY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Ms. Brevetti Sabrina from the GREEK-ITALY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Mr. Koutsikos Panagiotis from the GREEK-TURKISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Mr. Livanios Giorgos from the GREEK-FILMIAN CHAMBER, Mr. Georgantas Georgios from ELOMAS EPE, Mr. Karathanos Athanassios from the ELLI UNION NON OINOLOGON, o Mr. Tsichritzis Panagiotis from the Chamber of Etoloakarnania, Mr. Marlafekas Platon from the Chamber of Achaia, Mr. Nikoloutsos Konstantinos from the Chamber of Ilia, Mr. Spathis Stavros from the Chamber of Kefallinia-Ithaca, Mr. Chliapas Michalis Head of Outreach from Chamber of Kozani, Mr. Panagiotis Louziotis from the Chamber of Corinth, Mr. Skiadaresis Sotiris from the Chamber of Lefkada, Mr. Sapalidis Savvas from the Chamber of Florina, Mr. Koufidis Ioannis from the Chamber of Halkidiki, Mr. Houtas Stylianos from Chamber of Halkidiki, Ms. Boudioukou Lia from the Chamber of Karditsa, Ms. Kotroni Georgia from the Chamber of Karditsa, Mr. Zygogiannis Konstantinos from the Chamber of Karditsa, Mr. Stergioulis Georgios from the Chamber of Larissa, Mr. Adam Dimitrios from the Chamber of Magnesia , Ms. Paschalis Eleni from the Chamber of Magnesia, Mr. Zaheilas Vassilios from the Chamber of Magnesia, Mr. Yiannis Roussos President of the Chamber of Cyclades, Mr. Panaritis Yiannis Chamber of Laconia, Mr. Malliaras Athanassios from the Chamber of Serres, Mr. Tsolas Dimitrios Vice President of the 1st Chamber of Trikala, Mr. Markos Christos from K.E.O.S.O.E., Ms. Politis Ourania from KARVELLIS & SYNERGATES, Mr. Vassilikos Alexandros from the GREECE HOTEL CHAMBER, Mr. Smarnakis Ioannis from P.E.T.E.T., Mrs. Palli Alexandra Vice-Regional Governor for Entrepreneurship & European Planning from the Attica Region, Mr. Filias Andreas Vice-Regional Governor for Rural Development from the Region of Western Greece, Mr. Lysaridis Nikolaos Vice-Regional Governor for Entrepreneurship from the Region of Western Macedonia, Mr. Kahrimanis Alexandros from the Region of Epirus, Ms. Karali Glykeria of the Region of Central Macedonia, Mr. Prelevits Bane, Vice-Regional Governor for Outreach of the Region of Central Macedonia, Mr. Tzedakis Stavros, Vice-Regional Governor for Agricultural Economy of Crete Region, the Mr. Ptochos of the Peloponnese Region, Mr. Galanis Kon/nos Thematic Deputy Regional Governor for Development & Entrepreneurship of the Central Greece Region, Mr. Daveronis Ioannis of POESE, Mr. Diamantidis Symeon of S.E.V.E., Mr. Hasapis Panagiotis of S.E.V.E., Mr. Skaribas Stylianos of S.E.V.E.K., Mr. Yotis Yiannis of S.E.V.T. Mr. Papachristou Dimitris Mayor of Saronikos, Ms. Papakonstantinou Maria (Ambassador of Directorate B7) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Papanastasatou Eleni Deputy Regional Governor for Entrepreneurship and Hellenism Abroad, Mr. Aravantinos Nektarios President of the Agri-Food Partnership of the Ionian Islands Region, Mr. Tsirigotis Kon/nos Deputy Regional Governor of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries and Mr. Moutzouris Konstantinos of the North Aegean Region.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that dozens of ambassadors from all over the world honored the exhibition with their presence. Among them: Ms. Marcela Hanusová from the Embassy of Slovakia, Mr. Fitim Gllareva Office of Interests of Kosovo in Athens, Mr. Lompart Artur from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Agatha Krupa from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Djundjunan Bebeb Nugraha of the Embassy of Indonesia, Mr. Aramís Fuente Hernández Ambassador of the Embassy of Cuba, Mr. Mindaugas Vyskupaitis, Deputy Head of the Embassy of Lithuania, Dr. Lindiwe Msengana-Ndlela of the Embassy of South Africa, Mr. Sathana Kashemsanta Na Ayudhya of the Embassy of Thailand, Mr. Paolo Cuculi Ambassador of Italy.

The opening event was coordinated by journalist Maria Nikoltsiou.

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