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How the Hosted Buyer Program Works

1. As a first step towards becoming a Hosted Buyer please fill out the application form linked below and send it to our Hosted Buyer Team via  

2. Secondly, after receiving your application form our Hosted Buyer Team starts the screening process – considering aspects such as your company details, purchasing activity and interest for the Greek market.

Based on these criteria, your application can be: 
a) approved 
b) rejected or 
c) re-considered after gathering more information due to inadequate details.

3. Once you are approved as a Hosted Buyer, you will receive the Letter of Agreement from our Hosted Buyer Team. Please sign it and send it back to us along with your plane ticket and its receipt. Thereby your participation in the program is confirmed. 

4. After the confirmation of the Hosted Buyer Program, you will be provided with a coupon code for the FOOD EXPO Hotel Booking Platform. There you can select from a list of affiliated hotels and pick your accommodation of choice. After selecting your check-in and check-out dates you can redeem your coupon code. If the price of your chosen accommodation exceeds the value of your coupon code, then you must cover that price difference yourself by stating your credit card details.

5. Next, you will receive your login details for the B2B Matchmaking Platform. There you can set up B2B meetings with exhibitors of your choice. The meeting confirmation must be printed out (selecting the option “Print appointments”) and brought to every meeting attended. After the meeting the exhibitor must sign the document as a confirmation of your attendance.   

6. To enter the Hosted Buyer Area during the trade show you will also have to show your B2B document with the exhibitor signatures. 

7. The reimbursement will be made after the trade show and ensuring that you attended at least fifteen B2B meetings with our exhibitors. Please send an invoice from your company to FORUM S.A. stating the agreed amount of money to be reimbursed for the plane tickets.  


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