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Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum

The Greek gastronomic wealth was presented in an impressive event

The excellence and quality of the products of Greece were highlighted through unique live cooking shows by acclaimed chefs at the stage of Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum, during the three days of the trade show.

The leading gastronomic event highlighted the unique culinary and nutritional value of Greek food and beverages, to confirm their dominant position in the Mediterranean food pyramid and to help further enhance the export prospects of Greek products on the world market. Well-known chefs, having as their “tool” excellent products from every corner of Greece presented to Greek and international food traders, unique ideas that can use all these products to make a difference in their business.

Post show – Monday 14 March

The last day of the gastronomic event began with the presentation of traditional local recipes of the Saronic Municipality by students at the School of Tourism. Along the way, the famous Greek -American chef Melina Milioni, aka Greek Girls Kitchen presented the original recipe “Apple Baklava Trifle”. Also, the oenologist Vassilis Nikolou made on behalf of the Municipality of Kropia an excellent presentation about the evolution of Savatiano Wine in Attica. The day ended with gastronomic demonstrations where the local traditional products of producers from the Chamber of Serres were highlighted.

Chef Melina Milioni with the Point Hub chef team

The ex. chef Miltos Karoumbas, Vasilis Kalaitzidis (Second Vice President of the Chamber of Serres), ex. chef Tasos Tolis

Post show – Sunday 13 March

The culinary demonstrations today began with the presentation of local recipes of the Region of Western Greece by the Chefs’ Club of Peloponnese. Along the way, the renowned chefs from the Chefs Club of Dodecanese & Cyclades showed unique recipes with products of the South Aegean Region. Also, the chefs of the Acropolis Chefs Club showed recipes made with the exceptional quality products from producers of the Attica Region.

Meat Competition from the School of Meat

Dina Nikolaou

At the same time, a competition was held by the Meat School of Mr. Batsolakis Georgiou, with the theme “The Greek lamb breeds at the hands of the butchers”, where Greek lamb producers emerged. In the day, the program for the promotion of Greek European Rice was presented within the framework of the European program EUrice. Immediately after chef Michalis Angelopoulos highlighted through his live cooking show the products of the Region of Peloponnese and famous chef Dina Nikolaou showed to the attendees, unique ways that they can include in the menu of their businesses, products form the Region of Central Greece.

Post show – Saturday 12 March

Extremely interesting were the culinary demonstrations that took place today on the stage of the Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum. At the beginning of the day, the experienced chefs of the Corfu Chefs Club presented traditional local recipes with materials from the Region of the Ionian Islands. Along the way, chefs Hector Ioannou and Tasos Tolis, highlighted -through their culinary demonstrations- the local fine products of Epirus.

Traditional recipes from Central Macedonia were presented by chef Costas Georgantzas while chef Tati Bokotsi made on stage unique recipes with excellent quality products from producers from Eastern Macedonia & Thrace. Delicacies from the North Aegean were also presented by chef Jenny Paleologos, while at the end of the event local products from Western Macedonia stood out during the live cooking show by chef Vassilis Mandros.

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