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FOOD EXPO DIgital 2022

The digital edition of FOOD EXPO 2023 trade show

Along with the physical exhibition, the digital platform of the exhibition operated for another year, as an additional service for exhibitors and visitors.

The commercial success of the digital platform over the past two years, as well as the new conditions that have developed in the field of long-distance commercial contacts, have created the need to establish the digital platform as an additional service of the physical exhibition. Thus, in 2023, in parallel with the physical exhibition, the digital platform operated again, which brought its exhibitors in contact with Greek and foreign buyers, who were not be able to visit the physical exhibition.

The digital platform brought its exhibitors in interactive -and effective- contact with thousands of Greek and international traders, to hold b2b meetings via video call or online text chat.

Also, Hosted Buyers who visited the exhibition with a physical presence, had the opportunity through the digital platform to arrange their b2b meetings that took place with the exhibitors of physical FOOD EXPO.

A custom made digital platform 

Exhibitors had the opportunity to create a personalized profile of their business, where their products and services were presented with photos, videos and other promotional material. At the same time, buyers had the opportunity to create a personalized profile, search for the products of their choice by category, exhibitor name, product and country. Also, they were able to send a request to the exhibitors in order to hold b2b video meetings, send their business e-card and chat with company executives.

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