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FoodExpo dates 14/6/2021 - 18/6/2021

International Visitors applaud FOOD EXPO Digital

72% of the international buyers who participated in a relevant survey intend to participate at the digital exhibition, proving that FOOD EXPO has the support of the int΄l F&B market.

From June 14 to 18, 2021, FOOD EXPO will be held only in digital form giving the opportunity to a great number of companies from all across the world to showcase their products and services to thousands of significant international food traders.
In an attempt to determine the intention of international buyers to participate in the digital exhibition, the organizers conducted an online survey through the Typeform* survey platform. The survey was conducted from 10/11/2020 to 18/11/2020, to a significant representative sample of 432 F&B traders from across the globe.

Sample analysis

The international buyers that participated in the survey are executives in companies from the Organized Retail, Wholesale and Foodservice sectors. More specifically, 40.2% of the respondents are importers, 16% are distributors, 15.1% are wholesalers, 13.2% are active in the retail, super market and hypermarket sector, 6.1% are brokers, 4.5% come from hotel and restaurant chains, 1.9% are foodservers, 0.2% are active in the catering industry and 2.8% are active in another similar profession.

Furthermore, all respondents of the online survey are decision makers in their respective companies. Specifically, 65.6% are owners and CEOs, 13.9% are managers and purchasers, 9.6% are general managers, 4.7% are direct buyers, 2.6% are import managers and 3.5% are active in another position. The international visitors who participated in the survey come from all over the world. In particular, 44.9% come from the European Union, 20.7% from Asian countries, 16.5% from North America, 6.4% from the rest of Europe, 5.6% from Africa, 3.8% from Oceania and 2.1% from South American countries.

Hight intention to visit FOOD EXPO Digital

The results of the survey are very positive, regarding the fact that 72% of international buyers are willing to join the digital platform of FOOD EXPO and participate in the digital exhibition, which proves that FOOD EXPO Digital has the full support of the international market.

Moreover, 67.3% of international traders stated they have participated in digital exhibitions in the past, indicating that they are familiar with these kinds of events. At the same time, 64,7 % stated that their participation yielded significant commercial results.

At the same time, some of the main features they are looking for in a digital exhibition are communication via video call and text chat and the possibility to make online appointments with the exhibitors. They also want to be able to find detailed information about the products and search by product categories.

Listening to the needs of the international market, FOOD EXPO Digital brings together all the functional features that international buyers are looking for. Specifically, through the platform, international buyers will be able, among other things, to easily have one-on-one meetings with exhibitors via video, find information about new products and get in direct contact with suppliers.

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