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16-18 March 2019


FOOD EXPO 2018 • Testimonials Video

Testimonials FOOD EXPO '18

The high level of trade visitors from all over the country and abroad, the impeccable organization of the exhibition, as well as the many important commercial contacts they made, are the main theme of FOOD EXPO 2018’ exhibitor testimonials.

Food Expo is one of the best shows in Europe i think. We did meetings and confirm deals with businesses from all over the world and Greece. Overall it was a good exhbition and very succesfull for us.
Askin Guzel | Founder / EKO FOOD
Food Expo is a great experience. We have been to other exhibitions like GulFood and Anuga, and Food Expo is on the same level. We had meetings in our stand but also to B2B meeting point as well with companies not only from Greece but from other countries as also like Netherlands, Jordan and other Arabic countries.
Sahar Ashraf Ezzat | Export Coordinator / SAMA FOODS
Food Expo is very nice exhibition. We go to Fancy Food, Anuga and so many other exhibitions. You are in a very good path, you look almost like Anuga on organization level and the exhibitors. We had couple of visitors and had a lot of meetings in B2B, and we wait till we go back to check the results. We had business meetings with businesses from Estonia, Chalkidiki, from Tunis and Peiraias.
Lars / FYROM
This year’s FOOD EXPO is clearly upgraded, compared to previous years. Especially, in terms of turnout, visitors this year were much more and there was a further increase in international visitors. Almost all our foreign customers have come to the exhibition and visited our stand, and new opportunities were also created with foreign customers. FOOD EXPO 2018 honors the expo part, promotes national extroversion and that is why we will obviously participate again.
Nikolaos Pitenis / PITENIS BROS SA
Each year, FOOD EXPO is better than the previous one, visitors are constantly increasing and the participation of both Greek and international exhibitors is growing. We believe in the high organization level and commercial effectiveness of FOOD EXPO, and that is why this is the only trade show we participate in. Recently, FOOD EXPO has been heard, and is also often being discussed abroad. Besides, it is the only trade show in Greece, which strongly supports our national export profile.
This year’s event was outstanding and what impressed us was the extremely high volume of visitors and professionals from all over the world. The exhibition’s commercial interest was also very upgraded this year, and we made many contacts and had many meetings. FOOD EXPO supports and assists the development of good, high-quality Greek professionals and their products, and this process results to the promotion of the entire country’s export activity.
This year’s FOOD EXPO is very good. So far, the indications we have in terms of our trade agreements are very positive. We made a lot of contacts with representatives of both the domestic and the international market, and we are expecting these opportunities to be fulfilled. FOOD EXPO is an exhibition that is necessary at the national level, and the only trade show that bears the burden of promoting Greek products internationally.
Ioannis Ntivis / MPELAS FILOTAS & SON SA
FOOD EXPO 2018 was very satisfactory in terms of its organization. Especially this year, we are seeing that trade opportunities and agreements are proceeding swimmingly and, with regards to our business, I can say that interest is divided 50-50 among Greek and foreign buyers. Visitor turnout is impressive and, from what we’ ve been hearing, people are very satisfied with the quality of the exhibition. We will definitely be back.
Stavroula Markopoulou / EPSA SA
The biggest “plus” of FOOD EXPO 2018 is the extremely high turnout. The truth is that we have high expectations in terms of closing deals and because of the high turnout, but also based on the meetings and contacts that we made. We are very satisfied and we will obviously return.
Stratos Tsarkos / EVGA SA
The number of visitors and exhibitors at FOOD EXPO 2018 is noticeably increased. The FOOD EXPO trade show supports the extroversion of Greek companies and it is in this context that we are participating, seeing that this effort brings serious commercial results.
Nikos Tsiftoglou / IONIKI SFOLIATA SA
FOOD EXPO 2018 is very good and definitely better than previous events, proving that it has big reserves of potential and evolution. FOOD EXPO is one of the only “levers” in the country, promoting Greek products abroad. I also would like to note that I found the layout of Hall 1, with the international pavilions, very successful. This is precisely the image one would expect to see at an exhibition of such high standards.
Michalis Christodoulou / CHRISTODOULOU BROS SA “CHB GROUP”
I only have the best to say about FOOD EXPO 2018. The event is excellent and we are concluding the same in terms of its commercial effectiveness. Our meetings and opportunities have gone very well. We are very pleased. I will dare say that I definitely feel like one of the most “happy” and satisfied participants. We will definitely be back.
This is the second FOOD EXPO that we participate in, and there have definitely been great improvements since last year. Visitors seem to have substantiated views on the market and are exhibiting sincere interest in doing business and concluding agreements. I believe that FOOD EXPO is the best exhibition in Greece and I am “predicting” that we will permanently keep our stand for the next FOOD EXPO events to come.
Zafiris Trikalinos / TRIKALINOS SA
This is our first time at the FOOD EXPO and we think it is a very important and very positive experience. FOOD EXPO acts as a great motive, as a platform for meeting with old and future customers and partners. FOOD EXPO dictates the future for the country’s overall recovery.
Christoforos Sevastidis / DAIRY INDUSTRY OF DRAMA SA – NEOGAL
This is the first time that our company participates as an exhibitor in FOOD EXPO, and I can safely say that we are very satisfied with the level of support and the overall organization. FOOD EXPO is the most interesting exhibition in Greece, with huge commercial interest. It is pivotal step in boosting the country’s exports. It is the only Greek exhibition that we participate in, precisely because it coincides with our orientation as a company, i.e., to penetrate foreign markets.
Chara Papaioannou / SOYA HELLAS SA - ELEON
FOOD EXPO is packed with high-quality visitors. I believe this year’s event was one of the most successful of the last decade. Over the years, we have seen the exhibition grow and its level constantly rising. It is a key factor in the development of Greek trade and exports. From the meetings and discussions we have had so far, the exhibition is bringing us closer to our goal, and is proving to be very effective.
Georgios Stroumbas | Head of Athens Branches / ATLANTIKOS
There is a huge visitor turnout, there are numerous and very worthy participations, and the commercial presence is very interesting. FOOD EXPO has had a linear growth in recent years. I believe that this year’s FOOD EXPO will reach its peak, and the results will be positive for everyone. FOOD EXPO significantly contributes to the evolution and development of Greek exports.
Konstantinos Tziortziotis | President and Managing Director / VIOLANTA
The FOOD EXPO trade show seems to be very good and of very high quality. We’ve had many meetings, while the exhibition is proving to be great for all participating professionals.
Nikolaos Kourantidis | President / KOURANTIDIS N. Regina
The FOOD EXPO exhibition has proven to be very targeted. We are here every year. This year, we really feel that FOOD EXPO has grown a lot; it is very European, how it should be. We have seen more serious, more targeted visitors, who are here to do business. They are not here just for their meetings and signatures, they are not indifferent. There is a field of action, our days are full, so this is a wonderful exhibition. FOOD EXPO is definitely helping Greek trade and exports.
Maria Moraiti | Marketing Director / CONDITO
FOOD EXPO continues to grow, mature and reward entrepreneurs. It significantly helps Greek trade and exports.
Ananias Karachanidis | Owner / KARPEA
This year, there is significant movement in FOOD EXPO, with businesses closing deals, while there are also areas that weren’t even here last year and are now making meetings. FOOD EXPO definitely helps a lot in business restructuring in Greece. There is no similar Food exhibition in Greece since, in FOOD EXPO, we see innovations and new proposals. Here, meetings lead to business.
Michalis Mitilinakis | Chairman of the Board / OKAA SA
The exhibition is proving to be particularly good. It is growing and improving, and more quality people are attending. The investment made by companies to be here, shows that it is a successful exhibition. It is a meeting point for businesses and their clients. FOOD EXPO most definitely supports Greek exports and trade. It leads to synergies and partnerships while simultaneously cultivating healthy competition. By seeing others develop and try to get better, you try to do the same.
Katerina Xatzigeorgiou | Managing Director / AMVROSIA SA
The exhibition is very good, with an upward trajectory and a much improved overall stand condition and visitor quality. This year, the layout of stands is very good. It is not our first year here, and FOOD EXPO proves its successful character every year. We have had meetings both here and at the B2B, and I believe that many of them will lead to results. The exhibition definitely helps Greek exports and trade, and contributes to the development of the market.
Dimitris Ladas | President and Managing Director / LADAS FOODS
The exhibition is at a fairly good level, same as last year, and is marking the same success. Our appointments showed up and there were significant discussions. It definitely helps in the development of Greek trade and exports, as it brings together businesses from all over the world.
Anastasia Panagiotidou | Head of Exports / JANNIS S.A.
FOOD EXPO is very interesting and has a lot to offer to all participants. It definitely helps Greek trade and exports.
Dimitris Exarhos | President / EXARHOS S.A.
We are very pleased with the event and the support by the organizers. All B2B meetings that took place at our area have helped a lot, because we are an exporting company, and we see that great emphasis has been placed on international visitors. This interests us a lot as an orientation, as this has been our company’s strategy for the last few years. FOOD EXPO creates great international interest and has resulted in many good partnerships. It is being transformed into an international trade show of very high standards.
Nikolas Konstantakis | Financial Management / EVOIKI ZIMI
In Greece, we have never been closer to having an international exhibition than with FOOD EXPO. It is the only serious effort that has been made.
Konstantinos Marianos | President and Managing Director / MEDBEST
FOOD EXPO is a very good trade show and this is evident from visitor turnout. We see many new products, come into contact with our competition, and learn about new market trends and developments. We have already conducted many meetings, both B2B, as well as at our stand.
Jenny Giftea | Vice President / AGROVIM
This is our second time at the exhibition. Interest seems satisfactory so far, and the trade show is demonstrating its future potential to become comparable to other major international exhibitions. It is safe to say that the exhibition significantly helps Greek trade and exports.
Christos Papadimitriou | Managing Director / Papadimitriou Ch. K. SA
We participate in FOOD EXPO every year and, throughout the years, we have seen the exhibition gradually evolve. It is now established as an institution and has great resonance beyond Greece. The trade show significantly helps Greek trade and exports.
Nikos Zavakos | Head of Exports / NUTRIA
FOOD EXPO has been following an upward course and is now established as one of the largest and best organized exhibitions in Greece. Over the last few years, we have traveled to several foreign exhibitions. FOOD EXPO is at the same level and has nothing to envy from larger events. It is easily comparable to Fancy Food, Anuga and other international exhibitions, while it is safe to say that FOOD EXPO is much better than many internationally renowned trade shows. We conducted many meetings via B2B, with amazing results.
Giorgos Economou | General Manager / SEVITEL
This is our first time at FOOD EXPO. We already have a customer contact agenda drawn up, and through the Hosted Buyers Program. There are many potential customers and interesting possibilities, and not only from Greece.
Agostino Nanula | Responsable Commerce Exterieur / GRANORO, Italy
This is our first participation in the exhibition. We have met with professionals from other countries, such as Iran for example, who found us through the Hosted Buyers Program. We have been to various exhibition around the world, and we thought that this one was quite well-organized.
Galin Stanchev | Commercial Director / ΜΕΡΟΗΕ, Bulgaria
We are very pleased with the b2b meetings. We made very interesting contacts with far-away countries, such as, for example, Colombia, and this gives us hope that we can introduce our products to every corner of the globe.
Tania Ivanova | Customer Service – Export Department / NOVATRADE, Bulgaria
This is a very large exhibition. We strengthened our contact agenda and we definitely have a lot of follow-up work to do after the exhibition. We are delighted with our participation and I think we will be back next year.
Tamer Abdel Wahab | Owner / SUNNY DELIGHT, Egypt
This is the first time that we had a presence at the FOOD EXPO, and our impressions were very good. Many interesting meetings took place between buyers and exhibitors, and I believe that results will mature in the next months.
Dimosthenis Faniadis | Αgricultural Specialist / American Embassy
This is a good meeting for all the companies in Europe that would like to integrate more with the greek market.
Ilario Amato | Director / MIGRO, Italy
At FOOD EXPO we received many visitors and very nice contacts for our business. We plan for the next year to come once again, because the level of the exhibition is very good.
Eugenio Ripoli | Export Manager / IDB GROUP, Italy
It is the first time we’ve come in FOOD EXPO fair and the truth is that we are very impressed about the people that come here. We have made a lot of contacts, it is a really great fair to stay and we will definitely come next year.
Jordi Navarro Calafell | International Area Manager / ARGAL ALIMENTACION, Spain
We have been participating in FOOD EXPO Greece the last couple of years and we have a very good response, and that’s why we are here again. The exhibition is very well organized and we can meet a lot of customers from Greece and all around Europe. So, it has been a really good journey with FOOD EXPO Greece and we are very satisfied.
Vishal Tibrewal | General Manager – Global Sales / FAZLANI EXPORTS Pvt. Ltd., India
For us FOOD EXPO is the key exhibition of the sector as we had very big success with our companies this year. We will try next year to have a very big booth with much more companies.
Genevieve Wlazel | Economic & Commercial Attaché / WALLONIA EXPORT-Investment Agency, Belgium
It’s a very dynamic exhibition, every year we see more and more fantastic stands and more and more international buyers due to the great hosted buyer program.
Iwona Lisocka-Fromm | Trade Export / VICTORIA CYMES, Poland
FOOD EXPO exhibition is definitely a very good opportunity for a company who already does business in Greece to increase their presence and to get to know more of this interesting market.
Moreno Grendene | Area Manager International Markets / LAGO, Italy
This is our second participation in this fair and that’s because we are very satisfied by the show. We think that is a very good place to visit and meet customers from all over the world.
Monyo Todorov | CEO / BON OIL, Bulgaria
I think FOOD EXPO is a good show, I see a lot of people here so that’s a success for the organization that they have a lot of visitors.
Juan Carlos Forjan Martinez | Sales Manager / OVERSEA ATLANTIC FISH, Spain
It is the first time that we participate in FOOD EXPO GREECE and we are really impressed that this exhibition equipped more than 60 countries and 150 foreign exhibitors. In this exhibition we find many technologies for the small farmers and entrepreneurs, which is possible to invite to Uzbekistan.
Ikramov Adhan | Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry / UZBEKISTAN
It’s our first time in FOOD EXPO exhibition and we are very satisfied. We are thinking to attend also next year. FOOD EXPO is a very good organization for us, because Greece is Turkey’s neighbor and we can make lots of exports.
Yasin Öztürk | General Manager / ANIL PACKAGING, Turkey
I go to all the shows around the world and I find this one very interesting.
Alexandre Pérol | Sales Director / LANCIERS, Belgium
This is a good opportunity for everyone to present their products and to meet partners from other countries. I think this fair is the future.
Marija Nikodijevic | Export Manager / FRIKOM, Servia
We are very satisfied of every aspect of this exhibition.
Ionut Cretu | Export Sales Manager / SMITHFIELD PROD, Romania
We are very satisfied with the exhibition. The contacts we have made thus far are very satisfactory, as there is a very good level of buyers from many countries, from both inside and outside Europe. I believe that, with the dynamic it has acquired, FOOD EXPO is established as a platform where exporters must definitely participate.
Fotis Sousalis | General Manager / TERRA CRETA SA
For yet another year, FOOD EXPO is proven as the best and most important Food exhibition in Greece and the Balkans; a successful trade show, as confirmed by all exhibitors and visitors who arrive from all corners of the worlds in order to get acquainted with Greek products. Already from the first day, turnout was great, from early morning until late in the evening.
Spiros Karalis | Vice President / KARALIS SA
This year’s FOOD EXPO is a very well-organized trade show, which has given us the opportunity to make contacts abroad, in countries that interest us, and I believe it is important for all companies to participate, as it strengthens their future exporting activities. My impressions on FOOD EXPO have only been positive.
Katerina Koukoutari | Marketing Manager / KOUKOUTARIS A. SA “Alfa”
I believe that this year’s FOOD EXPO is one of the most successful events, both due to the high turnout of visitors, but also for us, being mainly an export business. Because of the presence of a great number of foreign buyers, the exhibition acquires the glamorous status that it deserves. I believe that FOOD EXPO is one of the most significant trade shows in Greece. I think that this year’s FOOD EXPO is the most successful and best organized than any previous events!
Tsatsoulis Angelos | CEO / TSATSOULIS BROS “Royal”
Food Expo continues its upward trend, as the exhibition’s innovation and the ability of the organizers to gather buyers from all over the world keep the level very high and the interest of Greek producers peaked. FOOD EXPO is rightfully the best trade show in Greece, targeted towards exports, but also attended by many quality clients from Greece.
Platon Marlafekas | Vice President / LUX – MARLAFEKAS SA
This year’s FOOD EXPO is very well organized. It is the only good trade show when it comes to exports, exhibitor presentation is excellent, and interested clients are serious professionals, coming from many different countries. We have conducted important meetings with businessmen from foreign countries, but also from Greece, and it is an opportunity for us to see our clients in Greece and to expand our clientele. It is the best FOOD EXPO that we have ever participated in!
Georgia Kostinaki | Managing Director and President / EURICOM HELLAS SA
This year’s FOOD EXPO is a successful trade show, as demonstrated by the numbers and the turnout of customers, and we are very pleased, because Greece was missing exhibitions of such a high standard. We have made many contacts and we continue to do so, and it is my pleasure to observe the attendance of clients from every corner of the globe.
Stelios Polychroniadis | First Vice President & Vice Managing Director / EURIMAC SA
I believe that this year’s FOOD EXPO was a surprise. We’ve seen a lot of new efforts from young people, a great number of exhibitors—1,300 is a huge number. With great satisfaction, I am seeing people from many different countries and, especially, from the Balkans, and that is very pleasant. FOOD EXPO helps showcase the country in many ways. It is a pleasant, mature exhibition; a truly humane exhibition!
Christos Vekrakos | Managing Director / VEKRAKOS SA - AVEK
FOOD EXPO is one of the most important exhibitions in the Food & Beverage sector, and I believe that it can easily be compared to major exhibitions from the global food market. FOOD EXPO took the next step and became and international exhibition. Many important meetings took place, and we hope that they lead to maximum results.
Christos Vogiannou | Managing Director and President / PROVIL SA
Year after year, FOOD EXPO keeps getting better and it looks like a very important effort has been made by the organizers. Visitor turnout is unprecedented, by many places around the world, USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Europe, and this is something that you don’t easily encounter in Greece. We can now safely say that FOOD EXPO is comparable to foreign exhibitions. Greek products can travel all over the globe and FOOD EXPO is definitely a catalyst in this process.
Nikos Siouras / SIOURAS SA
FOOD EXPO is successful because, year after year, it manages to grow, and this is evident by the turnout of foreign buyers, who are interested in developing the Greek brand in foreign countries. It gives us great pleasure to participate in such an exhibition in our country.
Tilemachos Pentzos | Managing Director / ZANAE SA
This year, FOOD EXPO has proved that it is rightly referred to as a major international exhibition. Thanks to FOOD EXPO, we made contacts with buyers from foreign chains, and we were also given the opportunity to meet with our partners and sector suppliers.
Konstantinos Arampatzis | Marketing Director / ARAMPATZIS M. SA – GREEK DOUGH
FOOD EXPO is a very good exhibition, which helps the country’s export sector and, each year, it becomes stronger. It is a very significant exhibition for Greece. We are very satisfied, because we made the contacts we anticipated, everything went well and we are awaiting positive results.
Georgios Hatzigavriilidis | Vice President / VIKRE SA
FOOD EXPO is now a major, well-organized, professional exhibition. It has moved beyond national boundaries and has nothing to envy from international exhibitions. The organizing company invited people who are very important for Greek exports, which greatly upgraded this effort.
Stelios Skarimpas | General Manager / ELVIDA TROFIMA SA
I believe that FOOD EXPO is an important exhibition for our domestic market, and for our own company, because it gives us the opportunity to promote our base, in Thessaloniki, across Greece.
Giannis Ioannou | Sales Department / PASSIAS E.G. SA
Year after year, FOOD EXPO is getting better. It has been upgraded in terms of quality, and participation is also trending upwards, especially of foreign visitors. We will be back next year!
Theodoros Roussopoulos | CEO / ALTERRA SA
FOOD EXPO is an exhibition that has surpassed our expectations, and we are very pleased with the hospitality, the organization and the collaboration with the organizers. FOOD EXPO is undoubtedly a very significant trade show for Greek exports, addressed to a very specific audience. The organizers know how to attract executives from all over the globe, as we confirmed through the meetings set up for us by FOOD EXPO. After our first contact with the trade show, our first samples indicate that they will pay off and that is why we are very pleased.
Giorgos Manolas | Head of Exports / KECHRIS WINERY
Every year, FOOD EXPO proves that it is a giant event for Food & Beverage in Greece. With regard to the exhibition’s relationship to wine, each year the standard of wine presence is improved. The trade show organized interesting seminars with sommeliers and the people who visited us exhibited a lively interest in wine. Therefore, it guarantees a global dimension with professional visitors who are specifically interested in Greek wine. FOOD EXPO—now with a global reach—covers a gap in the field of exports, and brings Greek Food and Greek gastronomy to people abroad, creating a very strong national product.
Angelos Rouvalis | Managing Director / ANGELOS ROUVALIS – OENOFOROS SA
This year’s FOOD EXPO—like previous ones—is a tool for export growth, as we established many contacts, even beyond the ones that we were anticipating. The hosted buyers program helps us significantly, since buyers arrive from all over the world. If it wasn’t for FOOD EXPO, we could never have approached them, and we wish other exhibitions follow their example. At the same time, FOOD EXPO also helps Greece’s domestic market, as we make contacts with representatives and distributors from all over the country in the country’s capital, Athens. Each year, FOOD EXPO gains traction, approaching the level of major European trade shows.
Lefteris Tsakiridis | Head of Exports / FARMA KOUKAKI SA
FOOD EXPO is a very successful trade show. This year, we had a great turnout, both from Greece and from abroad, we conducted many important meetings, met many new customers. FOOD EXPO will help us significantly in our export efforts, especially to Europe, as we have made many contacts and believe we will collaborate with many of them. I think this trade show was a big help.
Omiros Pasiopoulos | Vice President / OMIROS SA
FOOD EXPO is an exhibition, which has been established as an institution for both Greek and international standards. Participation in this exhibition is a must for anyone who wants to export and to provide an advantage to their business through extroversion.
Antonis Rokakis / ROKAKIS SA “CRETE FISH”
This year, FOOD EXPO was an amazing exhibition. There was a huge visitor turnout, not only from Greece, but also from abroad, with the presence of many major international visitors. FOOD EXPO features a huge number of exhibitors and the entire range of products, and this is very interesting for all Greek and international visitors. It is a meeting place and I believe it is now an institution.
Konstantian Kallimani | Executive Director / KALLIMANIS G. SA
This year, our continued presence in FOOD EXPO, with the huge visitor turnout, provided us the opportunity to communicate with many customers, mainly from the Greek countryside and rural areas. For year another year, FOOD EXPO gave us the opportunity, through its success, to establish the right contacts for our clientele.
Antonis Siriopoulos | Area Manager – Southeast CEEurope / FARM FRITES INTERNATIONAL B.V
It is an exhibition that not only upgrades Greece and Greek businesses, but we also believe that it helps business extroversion, and we are certain that, in the next years, FOOD EXPO will keep growing and becoming even more established in retail and to international visitors.
Konstantinos Souliotis | President / PALIRRIA SA
This is our third year in FOOD EXPO as exhibitors, and I believe this year’s event was the best ever. The exhibition is now starting to mature, with quality visitors from Greece and major international buyers, so the quality level is rising.
Ilias Karachalios | CEO / RODOULA SA
I think this year’s FOOD EXPO is a very important exhibition. There was a huge turnout of professionals from organized retail, from traditional sales and from the island regions, and I can safely say that the organization was impeccable.
Angelos Sambatakakis | Commercial Director / AGR. COOP. OF POULTRY BREEDERS OF IOANNINA “PINDOS”

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