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Testimonials FOOD EXPO '24

The high level of trade visitors from all over the country and abroad, the impeccable organization of the exhibition, as well as the many important commercial contacts they made, are the main theme of FOOD EXPO 2024 testimonials.

We are extremely satisfied with the exhibition's attendance, both in terms of quantity and quality. Our participation in FOOD EXPO has been invaluable in attracting new clients and showcasing our products.
Thanasis Pliakas / Sales Manager, Tyrnavos Cooperative Winery & Distillery
This year marked our very first participation in the exhibition, and our impressions are overwhelmingly positive. We found FOOD EXPO to be a highly targeted event for the commercial world. We introduced new wines making their debut on the Greek wine scene. We are willing to participate again next year to further enhance brand awareness.
Maria Titaki / Winemaker and Owner, Titaki Winery
Having gained experience both as exhibitors and visitors in previous years, we witness a continuous evolution and enhancement of FOOD EXPO, which becomes increasingly prominent year by year for both Greek and international visitors. The meetings we had during the exhibition at the B2B level went very well, and we hope that our discussions will continue and be fruitful.
Federico Lazaridis / President and CEO of Nico Lazaridi Winery S.A.
I believe that FOOD EXPO has been highly successful this year, justifying its reputation as the most targeted exhibition for both producers and traders. Making the most of the B2B program, we had discussions with traders from America, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore, and Korea. They showed great interest in our products, and I think the initial goal we had coming to the exhibition has been largely achieved.
Stelios Zacharioudakis / Winemaker and Owner, Zacharioudakis Winery, Heraklion
This year's exhibition has left us with a highly positive impression. There was a large turnout overall, and our booth attracted many visitors as well. We connected with several potential clients who got to sample our wines. Notably, there was significant interest from countries such as the USA, Germany, Israel, and the UK.
Eleni Pissa / Hospitality Manager, Palivou Estate
This year's FOOD EXPO 2024 was exceptionally successful, surpassing the success of previous years, with a notable presence of quality visitors. We were visited by professionals who came specifically to taste and see our products, so we believe that this year's exhibition will yield excellent results. We have already closed several commercial deals in both the HoReCa and Retail channels, as well as exports.
Aggeliki Vyrini / Marketing Director, Mitsopoulos Farm
Our experience at FOOD EXPO has been outstanding. We had a very large turnout of potential and existing clients from America, Australia, and Central Europe, and we are very satisfied with the exhibition’s visitors. We got to sample our products, and think they were well-received.
Giorgos Portokalidis / CEO and President, Ioniki Puff Pastry, Paiania
My impressions from this year's event are very positive. There was energy, activity, and clearly, interest. Buyers from almost all over the world visited our booth. During the exhibition, we closed commercial agreements with buyers from abroad, as well as local businesses.
Thanos Aggelakis  / CEO and President, Aggelakis Poultry Products 
We are very pleased with this year's event, which attracted many international visitors and garnered significant interest from the Balkans, Asia, and Africa. We received visitors from India, Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Albania, who were interested in our HoReCa products. During the exhibition, we closed significant deals with clients, and we are very satisfied.
Nikos Kallas  / Vice President, Kallas Inc. 
Our company had the opportunity to showcase its products, present new ideas to our customers in a beautiful venue and amidst a very well-organized event with excellent service. We had numerous meetings with both existing and potential clients, struck several agreements both domestically and internationally, and overall, we are highly satisfied with our presence at this year's FOOD EXPO.
Konstantinos Lagakis / CEO, Lagakis Frozen
Having tracked the event's evolution closely over the past seven years, we've observed its consistent growth. Our objective in participating this year was to enhance our market presence in specific regions. We've successfully sealed some deals and aspire to secure more from noteworthy buyers, as we've done in previous editions of FOOD EXPO, nurturing productive partnerships that frequently originate at this event.
Panos Menexopoulos / CEO and President, Dryfo – Menexopoulos Bros
Participating in this year's FOOD EXPO has been a gratifying experience for us. We seized the opportunity to fortify our relationships with existing clients, establish valuable connections with international traders, and introduce our latest products. Thanks to the event's organization, we successfully engaged with potential buyers, with a primary focus on enhancing our exports.
Tilemachos Pentzos  / CEO, ZANAE 
We are delighted to participate once again in FOOD EXPO – one of the leading events in the food and beverage sector among many European exhibitions. We are particularly satisfied with the contacts and discussions held with existing and potential clients during the event. It is important for us to keep in touch with our business partners, and the exhibition provides us with this opportunity. Additionally, we held many meetings with Hosted Buyers, and we expect many of these to lead to excellent collaborations soon.
Sakis Ignatidis / Exports Director, Arabatzis – Hellenic Dough
Our impressions of this year's FOOD EXPO are excellent. Once again, we participated as exhibitors, and this year we presented new products to our existing clientele and, of course, to new visitors. In addition, we had very interesting B2B meetings with Hosted Buyers, which we hope will soon result in positive commercial outcomes.
Nikos Zavakos / Exports Director, Nutria SA
Our impressions of FOOD EXPO 2024 are exceptionally positive. We are particularly delighted to witness the increasing recognition of the exhibition each year, and this makes our efforts much more rewarding, as we attract targeted contacts. I must admit, we eagerly anticipate this event every year. This year particularly, our B2B meetings with Hosted Buyers were highly successful, resulting in numerous new partnerships.
Thanasis Manavis / Sales Director, Farma Koukaki
Our impressions of this year's FOOD EXPO surpass all other editions from previous years, with an exceptional turnout from both domestic and international markets. The Hosted Buyers program was highly successful, leading to numerous promising meetings, and I am confident that many of these connections will flourish.
Agis Pistiolas / President of ELLA-DIKA MAS and Member of the BoD, Agrino – EV.GE Pistiolas SA 
As always, we are quite pleased with both our meetings and the promotion of our new products at this year's exhibition. Utilizing the exhibition's platform, we conducted fruitful B2B meetings with Hosted Buyers, and I am confident that these connections will prove highly successful in the near future.
Dimitris Karachanidis / Sales Manager (Domestic Market & Exports), Karpea
I consider FOOD EXPO to have firmly established itself as an institution within the food and beverage sector, boasting international recognition and attracting thousands of visitors. Our primary objective in participating in FOOD EXPO is to expand the reach of our products into foreign markets where we currently do not have a presence. Additionally, the event provides an excellent platform for networking, allowing us to connect with existing clients and people of the industry while maintaining visibility for both our company and its brands.
Yannis Mavrikos / Sales Director (Organized Retail), Jannis SA, Kilkis, Greece
FOOD EXPO has evolved into a highly significant institution, bridging Greece with numerous foreign countries. Throughout the event, we actively engaged with our clients, discussing new objectives, new products, and potential collaborations. This year, we proudly introduced a new product line, redesigned packaging, recipes, and flavors.
Konstantinos Moraitis  / Commercial Director, Condito 
Our impressions of this year's event are very positive, mirroring our experience every year. With each edition, we gather new contacts, many of which evolve into successful partnerships over time. We are thrilled to have participated once again this year, reaffirming our commitment to promoting our products worldwide.
Chara Kougioumtzaki  / Marketing Manager, Kalogeraki Bros 
At this year's event, we showcased new products for visitors to sample and offer feedback on. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were thrilled with the outcome. Attendees from various corners of the globe, including America, Kuwait, Dubai, and Europe, attended FOOD EXPO, leading to valuable connections. It's gratifying to witness the widespread appreciation for Greek products, and we're optimistic that they'll soon make their mark across the planet.
Sylvana Patera  / Communication Manager, Tsanos Bakery 
FOOD EXPO once again proved to be a significant, top-tier exhibition, as it consistently is. It's the only exhibition we participate in within Greece, although we participate in several worldwide. This year, we proudly introduced our innovative product, low glycemic index spaghetti, alongside the unveiling of MAKVEL's rebranding, featuring fresh packaging and a new product line. The exhibition garnered a substantial turnout, and we are pleased with the caliber of visitors we attracted.
Odysseas Papadopoulos / CEO, Eurimac - MAKVEL SA
Once again, our experience at FOOD EXPO has been particularly positive. Over the years, we have consistently participated in this exhibition, drawn to its solid business foundation, professionalism, and the enthusiastic response it elicits from foreign traders and partners. As a company, we prioritize investments in both domestic and international development, fostering strategic partnerships even beyond the borders of the European Union. FOOD EXPO provides an excellent platform to pursue these objectives.
Savvas Kelektsoglou  / International Development Manager, BIKRE SA 

International Exhibitors

This is our first time at FOOD EXPO, and I have to admit it has exceeded our expectations. We've attended similar exhibitions in other countries, but this one is truly exceptional. We've already secured a partnership with a Greek company so far and we plan to expand our presence in the Greek market.
Igor Nedeljkovic / Delicious Food Company, Serbia
It’s the second time as exhibitors here in FOOD EXPO, and it’s great to be back. This is an important fair for the five companies we brought from Castille-La Mancha. The event is superbly organized, with smooth operations and punctual meetings. It's an excellent platform for finding importers from Greece and beyond, offering significant opportunities for business growth through the Hosted Buyers program and international visitors.
Armelle Hillion / Promotion Department of Consumer Goods & Services at IPEX, International Trade Institute of Castilla – La Mancha, Spain
FOOD EXPO is crucial for our business growth. After last year's success, we're back for more deals. This year, the exhibition is even more intriguing with increased interest in our products and a surge in meetings increasing the potential for business agreements.
Lisa Valqueriso / Brand Representative, EXPORT QUILSA, Ecuador
FOOD EXPO is pivotal for us to expand into Greece and the Balkans, offering our traditional products to new markets. The organization is impeccable, and we see a diverse range of international buyers. We're thrilled to showcase our shrimps, broccoli, and cocoa products, attracting potential buyers. With a packed agenda of international meetings, we're confident in our ability to introduce more Ecuadorian products to the global market.
Max Coello / Trade Commissioner of the Government of Ecuador for Italy and Greece
The Italian Trade Agency is deeply committed to fostering Italian-Greek food relations, given the substantial 1 billion euros of Italian food exports to Greece. With a shared focus on the food sector, we aim to strengthen this partnership, leveraging platforms like FOOD EXPO. The exhibition's exceptional organization inspires us to next year too, emphasizing our dedication to bringing innovative Italian products to Greek consumers and the southeast market.
Fabrizio Camastra / Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Agency in Athens
FOOD EXPO is instrumental in expanding our presence in this market and fostering good relationships with current clients. We anticipate returning next year to further cultivate our presence here and capitalize on the opportunities this event offers.
Sandro Zapata / Export Manager, Frinsa del Noroeste, Spain
FOOD EXPO is pivotal for our business growth, especially in the European market. This is the third year we are participating and I have to admit, FOOD EXPO 2024 has surpassed last year’s edition. This year, we have brought fifteen companies that had fruitful B2B meetings with Hosted Buyers. Every year FOOD EXPO is a great place to showcase our products and meet with international buyers.
Praveen Kumar / Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)
This is the third year that we are attending FOOD EXPO. This is an important event for connecting with both current and potential customers, offering a valuable chance to engage in face-to-face interactions and showcase our products and services. Our recurring attendance underscores the fair’s significance in nurturing customer relationships and expanding our market presence. The event's exemplary organization and B2B meetings with Hosted Buyers further enhance its value as a platform for fruitful business interactions.
Gabriela Klčová / Sales Manager, Healthy Food Supplements, Slovakia
FOOD EXPO is pivotal for expanding our business, facilitating face-to-face meetings with clients, new prospects, and suppliers. Our meetings with Hosted Buyers were productive, they made sure to familiarize themselves with our products, so we had relevant and fruitful discussions with them.
Gabriel Oprendek / Founder & Owner, Opre' Cidery, Slovakia
Another year at FOOD EXPO, the 3rd consecutive year for us. It's a highly successful exhibition; we've met many good partners again and had the opportunity to get acquainted with new companies for potential collaborations. We believe that next year we will be here again, to meet again with our partners and to have another successful exhibition.
Stathis Gemenis / Co-owner, ELME FOOD AGENCIES, Representative Company of Vanlommel, Athens
Being here at FOOD EXPO is important for us as we aim to expand in the Greek market. This is our first time here, and the event has impressed us with its organization and international attendance. With Ecuador's free trade agreement with the EU, we see immense potential to introduce Ecuadorian products to the Greek market.
Xavier Hervas / CEO, NOVA ALIMENTOS, Ecuador
We are very proud that we secured a Serbian booth at FOOD EXPO, as we felt it’s necessary our food sector and its products to be presented in such a respectable fair. Inspired by a colleague's excellent experience in the Hosted Buyers program last year, we brought six Serbian companies to showcase their products for the first time here. The B2B platform of FOOD EXPO facilitated fruitful conversations with several buyers for our companies and we are optimistic about the potential business outcomes. For this reason, we are thinking about expanding our presence at FOOD EXPO in the future. Overall, we are confident that this initiative will yield positive results for our companies and foster greater cooperation between Greece and Serbia.
Zoran Trpovski / Secretary of the Industry Association of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina, Serbia

Hosted Buyers

My experience at the FOOD EXPO exceeded my expectations once again. This is my second time here and the variety and quality of products and companies are exceptional. So far, I have achieved most of my business objectives, but it’s only the first day, there are still two days left to find everything I am looking for. FOOD EXPO is a fantastic source of inspiration for our business, and I look forward to returning next year.
Tamer Atef / COO, WAY FINDER Media Group, Egypt
FOOD EXPO is a high-level event that impresses with the number and quality of products as well as its international reach. Kosovo’s tourism industry is still developing so, one of the main reasons we came here is to draw inspiration from countries with an advanced tourism sector, like Greece. Another reason is to get in touch with international companies, and thankfully, our group of 30 businesses from Kosovo found plenty valuable opportunities to meet with such companies. We have achieved our business objectives and we’re planning to bring more Kosovar companies next year.
Dr.Sc. Hysen Sogojeva / President, OHT (Chamber of Hospitality and Tourism), Republic of Kosovo
Just like last year, this year's event is extraordinary! The exhibition is truly impressive, and I believe it evolves more and more every year. We are very pleased with the number of participants and the quality of the products, and I can say that this year we have achieved our business goals 100%. I can't imagine another exhibition in the Food & Beverages sector that covers as much ground as FOOD EXPO. Even companies from abroad have a lot to learn from this exhibition, whether they participate as exhibitors or attend as visitors.
Ziagkas Dimitrios / Chamber of Commerce Representative, Israel-Greece
FOOD EXPO is a remarkable event, uniting Israel and Greece in a shared culinary culture and fostering strong business connections. I'm impressed by the diverse range of companies and products, fulfilling our needs and inspiring new ideas. I’ve found the products I was looking for at FOOD EXPO, and more. I got ideas from other products, like dried olives, and I sampled products that I hadn’t tasted before. This exhibition has exceeded my expectations, enabling fruitful partnerships and valuable learning experiences. Managing the beverage and food tech in the Israel-Greece Chamber, I get a lot of ideas from this event so, overall, I think it’s great for business.
Barak Hay Horesh / F&B Consulting | Support Development, BUSINESS INNOVATION SOLUTIONS (B.I.S), Israel
FOOD EXPO is one of the largest and most vibrant expos I've ever been to, offering a diverse array of companies and high-quality products. It's my first time here, and I'm impressed by the innovative ingredients I found here. Exploring such a diverse array of companies and products all in one place is truly remarkable. I'm delighted to report that I've already achieved my business objectives here, and it's only the first day—I anticipate exploring even more in the days to come.
Dr. Raz Hamami / Owner, RH VENTURES, AgriFood Tech & Bioindustrial Innovation, Israel | Europe
I’m attending FOOD EXPO for the first time and I'm very impressed by the organization and the wide range of products. As a wines and spirits importer, I found numerous Greek wines along with olives and other interesting food items, perfect for the Indian market. As a company, we're 100% satisfied with the exhibitors we found here, and I personally can say that we achieved all our business objectives. Having found three wineries and two olive producers to collaborate with, I'm thrilled with the partnerships we've established. This expo not only met our needs but also inspired us to implement new ideas in our business back in India.
Dinesh Kumar / Founder, ÉLAN DISTRIBUTION, India
I have visited many exhibitions but FOOD EXPO is truly unique with impeccable organization and so many exhibitors and products. I'm thrilled by the range of countries represented this year. Attending FOOD EXPO in Greece will now be a yearly priority and part of our business plan.
Dudi Afriat  / Business Development & Culinary Manager, DIPLOMAT Group, Israel 
FOOD EXPO 2024 has been amazing for me so far. I’ve found quality wines, and innovative products.I met with several exhibitors who presented their green innovation and zero waste products and processes. We can’t wait to bring the Greek culture and Greek innovation to Malaysia and Singapore. This expo resonates with my generation's values of sustainability and innovation, offering opportunities in vegan meat, vegan food and so much more.
Goh Zhi Yan  / Manager, ZALLER SDN BHD, Malaysia 
FOOD EXPO is great! I am impressed with the exhibition, the companies, the products – everything is high-level. The vastness of the fair and diverse range of companies offer ample opportunities for business people like myself. We're specifically seeking bioproducts and solutions for the HoReCa field, hoping to fulfill our objectives here. This expo is essential for networking and business growth, and I strongly encourage all businesses in the Food & Beverages sector to make it a priority every year.
Sherif Krasniqi  / CEO, OPRIMUS LLC, Republic of Kosovo   
FOOD EXPO has exceeded my expectations. The variety and quality of products showcased here are exceptional, offering surprising discoveries and unforgettable tastes. The abundance of companies and high-quality local and international goods have left a lasting impression on me. I’ve discovered many new products, explored new ideas, and met with friendly business people; I must say, I feel like home in FOOD EXPO. As a company, we're already planning to return next year, and I think for many more years to come.
Ahmad Mallah / MIKYAL Easter Trading Company, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
It's my first time in beautiful Greece, and I'm thrilled to be at FOOD EXPO. I came here to search for three products that Greece is famous for: olives, mastic, and saffron, and I must admit, I’ve found them in abundance in this exhibition. As a Board Member of the Restaurant & Café Owners Association in Saudi Arabia, I’ve achieved many of my objectives regarding franchise and business opportunities but also, knowledge-sharing with entrepreneurs from other countries.
Sultan Bassrawi / Financial Supervisor, Board Member at the Restaurant & Café Owners Association (RCOS), Saudi Arabia
I've been to many big fairs in Germany, Paris, Dubai, and elsewhere, but this is my first time at FOOD EXPO, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its scale and diversity. With over a thousand companies from all over Europe and Asia, FOOD EXPO has exceeded my expectations. My search for pasta and soft drinks led to fruitful discussions with companies here in Athens that offer quality products at good prices. I already placed orders with them.
Ch. Muhammad Azam Asad / CEO, ADAM INTERNATIONAL LTD, Glasgow and Pakistan
The FOOD EXPO Greece is a wonderful convention for many different businesses in many different areas in the food industry, showcasing the richness of Greek cuisine and its versatility to captivate global palates. The abundance of products and companies here was a great opportunity mutual learning and growth on an international scale. As a visitor from South Africa, I found inspiration in authentic Greek products and confectioneries, enriching my understanding and expanding my company's offerings. I'm excited to bring newfound knowledge and flavors back home. For young entrepreneurs like myself, this expo is invaluable, offering insights, connections, and inspiration.
Beyonce Masokoamemg / Creative Director, KBZAS Catering, South Africa 
FOOD EXPO has left a positive impression on me. Εverything is top-notch, from the accommodation to the organization. I am very satisfied with the participating companies, and I've found more promising products than I expected such as dips, halva, tahini, sesame, jams, molasses, and honey. I can honestly say that my objectives have been met, and I see FOOD EXPO as a vital source of innovation for my company, especially in confectionery products inspired by Greek cuisine.
Aly ElKomy / Senior R&D Manager, El Rashid, El Mizan, Egypt
The rising popularity of Greek cuisine in Estonia, and Greek products like olives, olive oil and wines, prompted my visit to FOOD EXPO. I admire the Greek winemakers' willingness to explore new varieties and styles, blending tradition with innovation. As a sommelier, I'm particularly interested in Greek wines, and I plan to add selections from various regions to my portfolio as I appreciate the diversity and flavors of Greek wines.
Hilje Savolainen / Co-owner, Vein Ja Gurmee, Esthonia
The level of organization at FOOD EXPO has truly impressed me, from the initial arrangements for my visit to the seamless experience upon arrival. With so many companies showcasing Greek agricultural excellence, I'm astounded by the quality of offerings, particularly in superfoods. As an importer of extra virgin olive oil, I found complementary products exceeding my expectations. I not only achieved my business objectives but also discovered new avenues for growth. As a second-generation Greek Canadian, the richness of Greek culture and agriculture has always captivated me. I’ve traveled the world, and I find the food and the quality of production and manufacture here in Greece to be second to none. FOOD EXPO provides everything an importer needs, and more, showcasing the best of Greek agriculture to the world.
Jim Kokaliaris / President and Owner, PHILEOS EVOO, Monemvasia, Greece – Οntario, Canada
This year's FOOD EXPO has been a delightful surprise for me. I was astonished by the vast halls brimming with top-quality Greek products. We’ve had a lot of meetings with companies, discovered many products and learned a lot about Greek culture, which is important for us in South America because we have a very large Greek community there. The tastes here intrigued us, and we found various items such as olives, olive oil, pasta, and tomato paste, catering to both the Greek community in Uruguay and the international market.
Ana Claudia Moran / General Director, I.B.A., Uruguay
My overall experience at the FOOD EXPO has been great, and I highly recommend it to other producers and professionals from the Food & Beverages sector. I came here specifically looking for frozen meat, vegetables, and fruit, and I’ve made some promising contracts that I believe will lead to fruitful collaborations. In fact, we're already planning to expand our cooperation with Greek producers in frozen strawberries next season. Overall, the expo has been an invaluable source of inspiration for our business, connecting us with new partners and opportunities.
Lada Rišian / NIKLA S.R.O., Czech Republic
From start to finish, the organization of FOOD EXPO was impeccable, catering to our needs all the way. The variety of brands and companies presented, spanning different categories, provided a comprehensive view of the food and beverage industry, which was particularly insightful for someone like me, focused on importing alcoholic drinks. Personally, I was seeking alcoholic beverages, and I found both local and international spirits with a unique local touch, along with diverse non-alcoholic options that caught my interest for potential import. Additionally, exploring different types of food, from poultry to cold cuts, was an unexpected but delightful experience here. FOOD EXPO offered me valuable insights into the European market, and I'm eager to further explore Greek and European products in the future.
Ögehan Saral / Founder & CEO, GURI ICECEK, Türkiye
Attending this exhibition for the first time has been a remarkable experience, especially compared to other events I've been to. The opportunity for meaningful interaction between buyers and exhibitors here is exceptional. I came seeking raw materials for chocolate manufacturing and discover new flavors, and I'm pleased to have found several exhibitors who can fulfill my needs. I've not only met my objectives but also discovered opportunities for innovation in my future projects.
Kamal Ashour / Reliability Improvement Expert, EFFEM – MARS WRIGLEY Confectionery, Egypt
My first experience at FOOD EXPO was amazing. The organization and the products were exceptional. The sheer abundance of products, ranging from cheese and wine to olive oil, biscuits and cakes, is remarkable. My main focus was on olive oil, and I'm delighted not only with the quality of products but also with the friendliness of the producers I met with. I believe that my business objectives of finding exceptional produce and connecting with producers to explore new ideas have been achieved. FOOD EXPO is undeniably a source of inspiration for anyone in the food industry.
Beata Nicholson / CEO, UAB Beatos Virtuvė, Lithuania

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