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Testimonials FOOD EXPO '22

The high level of trade visitors from all over the country and abroad, the impeccable organization of the exhibition, as well as the many important commercial contacts they made, are the main theme of FOOD EXPO 2022 testimonials.

The exhibition is very well organized and helped us to show our brand in Greece. We saw that FOOD EXPO is a reference point for the f&b market. The contacts we made during the exhibition were significant and the visitors were targeted professionals and they knew exactly the products they were looking for.
Salvatore Maugeri / CEO - Vetro Elite (Italy)
We are very happy we participated this year at FOOD EXPO. The expo was very successful as the turnout was adequate and the deals with the Greek and foreigner exhibitors were many. We will for sure participate next year.
FOOD EXPO 2022 had quite a large attendance, this year the exhibition was visited by several specialized professionals from Greece and abroad, a key factor, as it helps us close important agreements in the future and enhance the promotion of our products abroad.
Stelios Filios / Commercial Director DIONYSOS WINERY SA
Our impressions of FOOD EXPO 2022 are very positive, it is an exhibition addressed to professionals in the food and beverage industry, in the same industry to which we focus. This year, the foreign buyers who visited the exhibition were many, which contributes to the commercial extroversion of Greek companies, announcing our products in all parts of the world!
Konstantinos Kossieris / CEO CELLAR SA
During FOOD EXPO 2022, several trade appointments took place, even more than we expected. Also, interesting discussions and meetings took place. Our stand was visited by professionals from almost all regions of Greece, but also from many foreign countries. I believe that FOOD EXPO is currently the best trade fair in Greece and has nothing to envy from foreign trade fairs.
Our impressions of this year's event are surprisingly good. The organization for another year is excellent. We had many appointments from abroad and foreign buyers were interested in all our products and especially ouzo.
Christos Babatzimopoulos / Owner - BABATZIM SA
This year's FOOD EXPO event left us with the best impressions, I believe it is the best FOOD EXPO. We made several commercial appointments, both with Greeks and with professionals abroad, with the latter showing a particular preference for the pre-baked round and some premium cuts that our company has.
Angeliki Vyrini / Marketing Director PHARMA MITSOPOULOS SA
The attendance of this year FOOD EXPO was very good and we met again with many partners and customers. We made several commercial appointments with Greek and foreign professionals, with the latter being particularly interested in shrimp. There was a lot of interest in new collaborations and in general it was a very successful exhibition.
Efi Vlontzou / Managing Director PESCANOVA HELLAS LTD
Our impressions from this year's event are very good. Attendance was high and targeted trade meetings were held, with an emphasis on exports. We saw a lot of people from eastern countries and the Middle East, with foreign visitors showing a particular preference for the mayonnaise category. FOOD EXPO was well organized, aimed at the exhibitor and the visitor.
George Moraitis / Sales Director CONDITO SA
We are participating for the 7th year in FOOD EXPO and we are very satisfied with this year's, covid free, exhibition. The professionals who visited us came from all over the world. The exhibition has much more dynamic than the one we visited in Dubai. Of course we will participate in the next FOOD EXPO!
Konstantinos Konstantakis / Exports Specialist EVOIKI ZYMI SA
Our impressions from this year's exhibition are very good. FOOD EXPO is one of the most interesting exhibition in the Greek market. We had a lot of traffic from eastern countries & countries of the Middle East, while overall foreign visitors showed a particular preference for sugar free & vegan products of the company.
Christos Katsoulas / Commercial Director VIOLANTA SA
The exhibition had a good attendance and trade visitors. The trade appointments that took place were essential. FOOD EXPO is an exhibition that our country needs, starring in the Balkans and supported by all producers.
Nikolaos Kourantidis / CEO KOURANTIDIS N. REGINA
Our impressions of this year's exhibition are positive. Every company would like to participate in the exhibition, as FOOD EXPO managed to attract many potential partners. The trade appointments that took place were many, we presented our new products to companies from all over Greece.
Angelos Tsatsoulis / CEO TSATSOULI "ROYAL" BROS
We made several business appointments and the attendance was very large from all over the world. The success of FOOD EXPO was expected as we know what the exhibition offers. We were given the opportunity to present our new codes, such as the 5 cereals and wholemeal pasta with oats.
Odysseas Papadopoulos / CEO EURIMAC SA
We are very happy and satisfied to participate once again in FOOD EXPO, we came in contact with old and potential customers. It is especially important for us to receive visitors from abroad, as we have a strong export orientation. We will definitely participate in FOOD EXPO 2023!
Telemachos Pentzos / Managing Director ZANAE SA
We participate and support the exhibition from its 1st year, as in addition to impeccable organization, it also has international interest. This year's event was also successful, while we also made several commercial appointments. We welcomed customers from abroad again this year, while special preference was given to the company's vegan products.
Dimitris Zakalkas / Corporate Communication Manager ARAMPATZIS M. SA - HELLENIC DOUGH
We are quite satisfied with the attendance all the 3 days of the exhibition and we made several commercial appointments with visitors from all over the world. Overall, FOOD EXPO was efficient, with a good presence of European level kiosks and a fairly good attendance. We are happy to participate with such an important stand, which is integrated with several companies. We will participate in the next FOOD EXPO with an even bigger stand!
Agis Pistiolas / Marketing & Exports Director AGRINO - PISTIOLAS ABEE
FOOD EXPO is an exhibition that always has a targeted audience, the level is high. We have made several targeted business appointments and we are very satisfied. The exhibition is the beginning of a new era and reflects the good image of the country abroad.
Platon Marlafekas / Vice President, LUX - MARLAFEKAS SA
The exhibition was excellent and we are very satisfied. FOOD EXPO has nothing to envy from exhibitions abroad. We made several business appointments and the visitors were targeted professionals, with a large percentage coming from abroad. Of course we will participate at FOOD EXPO 2023.
Stelios Skaribas / Managing Director ELVIDA TROFIMA SA
The impressions from the exhibition are very good, we had a lot of contacts with old and potential customers from Greece and abroad. International visitors showed a particular preference for the company's frozen products. Overall, FOOD EXPO was very successful and had a lot of traffic. It is certain that we will also participate at the 2023 exhibition!
Kallas Panagiotis / Chairman of the Board KALLAS INCORPORATION S.A.
We are very happy to participate at FOOD EXPO and we are even happier with this year's exhibition. It is very important for us and we will always support FOOD EXPO because it represents both Greece and Greek business. We made several commercial appointments by Greeks and foreign visitors. Of course we will take part at FOOD EXPO 2023!
Konstantinos Souliotis / CEO Palirria Souliotis S.A.
Food Expo is very important for growing my business. I have a big factory in Dubai and I don’t know anybody in the world but when I come to the exhibition I know all the world. A lot of customers, new customers, came to the stand. I have met some customers from USA, from Canada, from India, from all the world. This exhibition is very important and gave me the opportunity to present my products to the Greek market. It was a fantastic organization.
Samer Al Kasir / Chairman and CEO, Al Sultan Sweets (UAE, Dubai)
This is our first participation in FoodExpo and we hope it won’t be our last. The organization was great. I was really blown away by the organization. I have told the organizers that I am interested in the next version which is in 2023 . So I already want to book a space in order to participate in the next show. I have made a lot of contacts with potential buyers and I hope we are going to seal lots of agreements.
Dawoud AlQasrawi / General Manager, Hebron Snacks (Palestine)
We are really happy with the show. The organization was very good and we have no complaints. We had a lot of visitors who were very interested in our products so we are very satisfied. Our participation to FOOD EXPO gave us the opportunity to present the new range of our products. We have met with people from many countries and I think we will come again in the future.
Ivan Minguez Vega / Export Area Manager, Galletas Gullon (Spain)
SEVT as a representative of the Greek food and beverage industry participates in FOOD EXPO for the 6th time, and has put it under its auspices as we support every initiative that promotes the competitiveness and extroversion of the industry.
Ioannis Giotis / (President of the Association of Greek Food Industries (SEVT))
FOOD EXPO is the most important exhibition for food and beverages in S.E Europe and aims to help the effort of Greek companies for exports. Their participation in the exhibition is another way to promote Greek products in new emerging markets.
Panagiotis Hasapis / Executive Vice President of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE)
I am a regular exhibitor of Food Expo, these last years. It is a remarkable exhibition. We also had some contacts with buyers from other countries, mostly Sweden. I am quite pleased with our results and I will be certainly be here next year too.
Mats Raitanen / Business Development Manager, ΕΚΟ FOODS (Turkey)
We think Food Expo is an important show that helps us promote our products in the Greek market as well as the market of the South-Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful fair, well organized and we are very satisfied with what we accomplished here. We had 6 b2b meetings, with hosted buyers from Georgia, Albania, Cyprus and UK and we managed to make a few commercial agreements quite interesting for our company.
Gianluca Pietrobon / Export Manager - VALLE SPLUGA (Italy)
After two years of mandatory distance because of Covid, we see here the need for contact among the people of the market. Food Expo is a splendid opportunity for us to meet our clients from all over Greece.
Franck Charleux / Service import Bigard – BOVILLAGE (France)
In Food Expo we met buyers from Greece, central Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Also, I would recommend the matchmaking platform to other companies participating in the Food Expo. We were very happy with the results of our participation to the B2B meetings.
Francisco José Manrique de Lara Quirós / Export Manager, Landaluz (Spain)
Very positive overall impression. Excellent personal assistance, something missing from a lot of trade shows these days, because we do everything online. Having an opportunity like Food Expo, where we can directly speak to buyers, is really great.
Jodie Stewart / Trade Commissioner, Pacific Trade Invest (Pacific Islands)
In Food Expo we met in a pleasant way our clients, and potential new ones. We travel around the world, to many exhibitions, and Food Expo holds a very professional level.
Mano Zaal / Sales Manager, Vanlommel (Belgium)
Food Expo was a good opportunity to get our product to the European market. In this trade show, we saw markets completely new to us. We are local farmers in the American Continent, but we brought our farm here, and with the matchmaking platform, we had the best of both worlds, electronic and in person.
Walter Hubbard Zamudio / Seanaloa Mexican Shrimp Farmers (Mexico)
The Kozani Chamber participates for another year in FOOD EXPO as we consider that in this area of ​​transition where the development of the agri-food sector is so necessary, it is an exhibition that will help promote our products and our producers. We have expectations from our participation and we believe from the results of the contacts so far that they will be confirmed positively.
Antonis Pougaridis / Second Vice President of the Kozani Chamber
Food Expo is a great opportunity for companies from Slovakia to showcase their products. We are here for the first time, and I believe it won’t be the last. I believe the trade show is a good opportunity to consider the wider region of the Balkans and Southern Europe.
Jana Palatova / Commercial & Economic Section, Slovakian Embassy in Greece (Slovakia)
Food Expo 2022 gave us the opportunity, after 2 inactive years, to be active again in contacting both our Greek and foreign collaborators. It was a great pleasure for us to reach some agreements.
Konstantinos Livadaros / Co-Owner of ELME Food Agencies (Greece)
The Chamber of Serres participated at FOOD EXPO  with 9 companies of our Prefecture because the exhibition is an ideal passage to present their excellent quality products.
Athanasios Malliaras / President of the Chamber of Serres
It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in an exhibition like Food Expo and to meet with so many good friends and associates. We had the opportunity to present products and to give the Greek market a good understanding of our product.
Stathis Gemenis / Co-Owner of ELME Food Agencies (Greece)
It is our great pleasure to participate this year as the Kozani Chamber in FOOD EXPO as after 2 years the businesses have the opportunity to come in contact with thousands of f&b professionals.
Kosmas Kalentiriadis / Business Consulting Manager Kozani Chamber
Assocham, one of the oldest, leading chambers of commerce in India, was happy to participate in the Food Expo 2022, bringing 48 Indian companies from the F&B sector to form the Indian pavilion. We consider our participation a great success and I am happy to inform that we are planning to participate to the next Food Expo with a bigger pavilion, of approximately 60 – 65 companies.
Mayank Sharma / Assistant Director – International Affairs, Assocham (India)
I would like to congratulate the organizers for this year's FOOD EXPO, which highlights the development of the primary sector of our country. The Attica Region is actively participating with 50 companies as we invest in the agricultural part of our region and the goal is to find our products at every table.
George Patoulis / Regional Governor of Attica
The participation of companies of our Municipality in the leading exhibition for the food and beverage sector in our country, FOOD EXPO, was imperative as we consider it to be an ideal mean of promoting our products. Every time we have positive commercial results and that's why we come.
Petros Filippou / Mayor of Saronic Gulf
The participation of the Peloponnese Region in the FOOD EXPO exhibition is very important, as it gives the opportunity to our producers not only to conclude trade agreements within borders but also to export their products since it is visited by thousands of professionals from abroad.
Stathis Anastasopoulos / Deputy Regional Head of Messinia
The participation of the Region of Central Macedonia in the FOOD EXPO exhibition is very important, as it is the largest of its kind in S.E Europe. The thousands of Greeks and foreign buyers who visited it, give the opportunity to the producers of our place not only to develop their customer base in our country but also to open up to new markets.
Sotiris Batos / Head of Innovation and Extroversion, Region of Central Macedonia
Participation in an exhibition such as FOOD EXPO, with such an international character gives the opportunity to develop the extroversion of businesses in our region. The products we promote had a special impact on the visitors.
Dimitris Kiousis / Mayor of Kropia
The Region gives a potential "present" in the FOOD EXPO exhibition and our goal is to highlight the products of our place and to support our producers in this difficult period. Congratulations to the organizers.
Giota Navrozoglou / Deputy Regional Head of Epirus Promotion & of local products
FOOD EXPO is an exhibition with a global scope and for this reason the Region of Thessaly participates with 42 companies. Our goal is to promote the products of our place and to support small and medium enterprises but also their extroversion that will bring economic development to our place.
Apostolos Billis / Deputy Regional Head of Primary Sector Region of Thessaly
The Food Expo, which reopened this year, proved once again that it is very well organized and an international exhibition. Many thanks to FORUM for reorganizing the exhibition after two years of abstinence.
Vassilis Vrochidis / Exports Director | DODONI
We were looking forward to this year's Food Expo as we returned after two years. The Food Expo digital platform helped us a lot as there were back-to-back appointments. It is also a special year for us as we present our new products, our new logo and we are very happy to be back.
Dimitra Tzika / Exports Manager | KONVA
As always, FORUM is a pioneer in the organization of food fairs in Greece. We have clearly closed meetings from day one during FOOD EXPO. It seemed that the exhibition attracted very remarkable buyers and visitors.
Stathis Giahanatzis / CEO | FAIDON SA
Our impressions from the reopening of the exhibition are very satisfactory both from its organization as an exhibition and from the attendance. I think that for our industry of table olives and olive oil there is enough interest both for exports and from the internal market.
Prokopis Konstantopoulos / CEO | Konstantopoulos
We made good contacts and substantive discussions because the visitors were also ready to discuss new collaborations. It was an opportunity to show our products. We had very nice and productive meetings with old and new costumers.
Michalis Arvanitis / CEO | Arvanitis
Food Expo is a great chance to get in touch with our clients and also honor our ambassadors of the Bovillage brand. Being here, as members of the brand Bovillage, we have the opportunity to show the strength and the leading place of the French meat in the Greek market.
Dominique Guineheux / President of CVBE – BOVILLAGE
My assessment is that the Food Expo is a very important event for the food industry. We see that there is a fairly large attendance of people from the industries who came to visit and this is very encouraging. It was a great opportunity to present our products.
Costas Zoukas / Managing Director | Amalthia
Food Expo is the best place to be, in order to get in touch with our partners and talk business. Metropolitan Expo is easy to access and overall the Food Expo trade show is a very professional and impressive show. For us it is very important to be here every year.
Francois Lebel / Export Manager Charal - BOVILLAGE
The organization of the exhibition is impeccable. Εverything was perfect once again. We have been participating in Food Expo since 2019 and it is for us a very important tool for the development of the company and to come in contact with new customers.
Athanasios Manavis / Regional Sales Manager Koukaki Farm
For this year's Food Expo I have the following to say: It was better than ever. Maybe it is due to the export orientation of our country. We are currently at the exhibition at Food Expo to pave the way for new markets.
Ioannis Arnaoutelis / CEO | Arnaoutelis
The organization of the Food Expo was very good. We are exhibitors from the very first event. We are very happy with the organization and the attendance and the meetings we had.
Nikos Zavakos / Export Manager | Nutria
The exhibition helps companies with an export orientation to promote their products and get in touch with new markets abroad. Food Expo is the determining factor in helping this effort nationwide.
Panagiotis Karachalios / CEO | Rodoula
The Food Expo is a very useful exhibition in my opinion. It can be seen from the response of the people and the professionals. It has 1,200 exhibitors, which is a very large number. I think we were "thirsty" to be in such an exhibition environment again.
George Kotzambasakis / CEO | Latzimas
It is a well-organized exhibition that allows us to promote our products. We had several trade meetings; we presented our new products which we are launching in the market this year. We also met with professionals from the domestic market and from abroad.
Apostolos Prevezanos / Managing Director | Xrysa Avga
The Food Expo is an exhibition that is better every year. People of the industry, businessmen, traders of our industry visited us both from Greece and from abroad. We are very pleased with the organization and we hope every year the market improves as it does.
Dimitris Karahanidis / Sales Department | Karpea
Food Expo this year was very well organized. It had a very targeted audience for our industry from Greece and abroad. We saw many of our existing customers and partners and I believe that we will close some new collaborations with professionals from Greece and abroad.
Homer Pasiopoulos / Marketing Director | Omiros
We participate in Food Expo 2022 presenting Greek olives in order to promote them around the world. It is a very successful event
Themistoklis Kartsiolis / Administrative Development Consultant | LADAS
Food Expo this year has left us with the best impressions. For us it is a very important trade show in order to present our products in the for Greek market and come in contact with the professionals of the Greek food industry.
Giannis Koutsioumbis / Sales Manager | PAPAGIANNIS BROS SA-OLYMPOS
Food Expo is one of the largest and most successful food fairs held in Greece. We are very lucky because for another year we were given the opportunity to be able to meet with foreign clients and prospective clients from the Greek market. The organization company of the exhibition that invited all these successful hosted buyers also helped us a lot.
George Portokalidis / CEO | IONIKI SFOLIATA S.A
I think the exhibition this year was very well organized. All the exhibitors must have been very pleased with the attendance. We presented here all our old products and new products and several visitors had the opportunity to try them and saw them up close.
Sylvana Patera / Sales Executive | Tsanos SA
Food Expo after a two-year absence due to coronavirus has returned dynamically. It was a very successful event. It was something that the market demanded and gave us the opportunity to meet in person again with professionals from every corner of Greece.
Harris Siouras / Q.A. Manager | Siouras SA
The organization is excellent with a lot of visitors and very "strong" exhibitors. This is the first time we participate in FOOD EXPO. Everything is really flawless. Our goal is to enter the Greek market and our participation in the exhibition is a unique opportunity to show our products.
Galina Delchunkova / Commercial Director – Deroni (Bulgaria)
In Greece we have many customers and the exhibition is very important because we can meet them, while at the same time it is an opportunity for new customers to get to know our company. The organization is very good, especially in this difficult and special period. We participated in b2b meetings with hosted buyers and we hope that nice things will happen.
Irin Saraci / Sales Department - Migro (Italy)
Despite the difficulties that exist throughout Europe, the exhibition is very good, with many professionals. We are in the Greek market but through the exhibition we found new customers. We have made initial agreements during the FOOD EXPO while we took part in b2b meetings with hosted buyers from Italy, Libya, Brazil, Cyprus with the result being very positive.
Apostolos Mittikas / Sales Department Greece - Cima (Bulgaria)
This is the second time we are participating at FOOD EXPO. This year is better, more organized, with more people. We have had many meetings with different companies that are interested in our products. The Greek market is very strong and important for us. In terms of organization, we are impressed.
Nikolai Jekov / CEO - Cima (Bulgaria)

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