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16-18 ΜΑΥ 2020


16-18 ΜΑΥ 2020

KOTINOS awards

FOOD EXPO will host the award ceremony of “KOTINOS 2020”

FOODEXPO supported once again the quality contest of olive oil “KOTINOS” organized by FILAIOS. The award ceremony will take place during the trade show on Sunday 17th at the Workshops & Seminars stage at Hall 2.

FILAIOS Olive Oil Club invited olive oil producers to participate in the most reliable for our country Quality Contest for the branded standard extra virgin olive oil “KOTINOS”. The competition organized by FILAIOS took place with the support of the FOOD EXPO Greece, according to the strict criteria of the International Olive Council. The standard extra virgin olive oils that participated were invited to showcase their uniqueness and were distinguished for their organoleptic characteristics by certified and internationally renowned tasters.

A great institution

“KOTINOS” Competition is distinguished by the procedures and criteria that are being followed, according to the most internationally recognized MARIO SOLINAS Competition held by the International Olive Council. At the same time, it stands out for the evaluation of the participations based on the intensity of the fruit and the classification in one of the three categories – strong, medium and soft – by the Tester Group of the ESYD accredited and SEVITEL Organized Laboratory. Finally, to win the winners for each of the three prize categories, FILAIOS Club has secured the participation of a group of internationally renowned Testers.

Categories of prizes

The KOTINOS 2020 Contest, concerns three prize categories. In particular, awards for:
• Extra virgin PDO / PGI olive oil.
• Organically extra virgin olive oils and
• Extra virgin olive oil of conventional cultivation.

The winners that already have been announced will receive their awards at a special ceremony organized by FILAIOS, that will take place during FOOD EXPO 2020 trade show, on Sunday, May 17 2020, from 10:30 to 11:30, at Workshop & Seminars Stage in Hall 2.

See the full program:

10.15 – 10.30 | “KOTINOS 2020”: Strict procedures signify the reliability and validity of the Competition.
Speaker: Efi Christopoulou, Expert Chemist EU & BSE, Panel Supervisor of Group Organizer SEVITEL.

10.30 – 11.30 | “KOTINOS 2020” Olive Oil AWARDS Ceremony

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