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6-9 MARCH 2021


6-9 MARCH 2021


A commercial success story for FOOD EXPO 2019!

Greek and international exhibitors of FOOD EXPO 2019 were fully satisfied with their participation in the exhibition.

Greek and international exhibitors had the opportunity to get in touch and to have very important business contacts with thousands of food and beverage professionals from Greece and abroad, therefore were left with the greatest impressions, as they had the opportunity to strengthen their trade links with the domestic and global markets and to significantly enhance their brand internationally.

In particular, based on their statements to the press team of FORUM S.A., the number of appointments achieved across the three days of the exhibition exceeded all expectations, while everyone commented about the high quality of the visitors and their goal to close a great number of commercial deals. Of course, two key factors contributed to this: the upgraded Hosted Buyers program, which brought 900 buyers from abroad, and the brand of FOOD EXPO itself, which in the minds of professionals is now associated with major and lucrative trade deals.

Satisfaction comments about the high calibre and profitability of business contacts

“It’s true that it brings in equal or better results than SIAL and Anuga, given that all the good buyers come here”;“The B2B meetings that take place here really pay off”; “We’ve seen very important people, and the public’s interest in our products was quite big”, are just a few of the exhibitor’s satisfaction statements that reflect the general positive climate.

The statements of foreign exhibitors were equally complimentary: “It is one of the best exhibitions in Europe, and has a lot of energy”, “Professional visitors are very targeted and of a high quality, and we expect that next year they will be even more”, “We are surprised with the exhibition’s international character”, “Our impressions from the exhibition are very good. FOOD EXPO is continuously growing, and the level of the organisation keeps rising”, and so on.

Greek and foreign exhibitors both agreed that their participation in FOOD EXPO broadens their trade horizons and distribution network.

93% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction over their participation at FOOD EXPO 2019

In order to establish a clear view of the performance of FOOD EXPO 2019 as well as the impressions of exhibitors and the benefits they reaped, the fair organizers commissioned Marketing Research and Opinion Polling company, ALCO to conduct a post-show survey among participants. Specifically, 400 exhibitors from a total of 1,300 responded to the questions, a number which translates to a high and therefore reliable 30%. The results of the survey confirm the fact that FOOD EXPO is indeed the most significant Food & Beverage trade show in Southeast Europe, guaranteeing substantial commercial effectiveness. Namely, 93% of exhibitors rated their trade fair participation as “satisfactory” to “extremely satisfactory”, while 90% indicated their intention of attending the next iteration as “likely” to “highly likely”.

In more detail, 93% of exhibitors have either signed or expected to sign trade agreements within the next 6 months, whereas 95% mentioned that their participation helped achieve their commercial goals. The results of the survey also confirm that exhibitors were particularly satisfied by the quality of Greek visitors – namely 89%.

The results of an additional survey regarding the show’s Hosted Buyer Program, bringing together exhibitors with international visitors and helping exports, have further confirmed the success of the event. 84% of exhibitors stated they already export their product, while 78% made use of the Hosted Buyer program. 91% of exhibitors answered yes when asked whether they generated new sales leads or whether they expect to sign deals within the next 6 months following the end of the trade show.

In light of the results of the survey carried out during FOOD EXPO 2019, it is clear that exhibitor satisfaction continues to rise, with respondents praising the significant commercial profile of the trade show and stating that they had achieved their objectives.

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